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1. Deforestation: Causes, Effects and Control Strategies

By Sumit Chakravarty, S. K. Ghosh, C. P. Suresh, A. N. Dey and Gopal Shukla

Part of book: Global Perspectives on Sustainable Forest Management

2. Deforestation and Waodani Lands in Ecuador: Mapping and Demarcation Amidst Shaky Politics

By Anthony Stocks, Andrew Noss, Malgorzata Bryja and Santiago Arce

Part of book: Deforestation Around the World

3. Conflict and Corollaries on Forest and Indigenous People: Experience from Bangladesh

By Nur Muhammed, Mohitul Hossain, Sheeladitya Chakma, Farhad Hossain Masum, Roderich von Detten and Gerhard Oesten

Part of book: Sustainable Forest Management - Case Studies

4. Plant-Microbe Ecology: Interactions of Plants and Symbiotic Microbial Communities

By Ying-Ning Ho, Dony Chacko Mathew and Chieh-Chen Huang

Part of book: Plant Ecology - Traditional Approaches to Recent Trends

5. Forestry Entrepreneurs — Research on High Performance Business Model

By Étienne St-Jean and Luc LeBel

Part of book: Precious Forests - Precious Earth

6. Community Forestry Management and its Role in Biodiversity Conservation in Nepal

By Anup K.C.

Part of book: Global Exposition of Wildlife Management

7. Morphometric Growth Characteristics and Body Composition of Fish and Amphibians

By Cleber Fernando M. Mansano, Beatrice Ingrid Macente, Kifayat Ullah Khan, Thiago Matias T. do Nascimento, Edney P. da Silva, Nilva Kazue Sakomura and João Batista K. Fernandes

Part of book: New Insights into Morphometry Studies

8. Forest Fire Monitoring

By Ahmad AA Alkhatib

Part of book: Forest Fire

9. Realities on Deforestation in Tanzania — Trends, Drivers, Implications and the Way Forward

By Jafari R. Kideghesho

Part of book: Precious Forests - Precious Earth

10. Effects of Eucalyptus and Pinus Forest Management on Soil Organic Carbon in Brazilian Wooded-Savanna

By Leda Lorenzo Montero and Welington Delitti

Part of book: Forest Biomass and Carbon