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1. Plant-Microbe Ecology: Interactions of Plants and Symbiotic Microbial Communities

By Ying-Ning Ho, Dony Chacko Mathew and Chieh-Chen Huang

Part of book: Plant Ecology - Traditional Approaches to Recent Trends

2. Deforestation: Causes, Effects and Control Strategies

By Sumit Chakravarty, S. K. Ghosh, C. P. Suresh, A. N. Dey and Gopal Shukla

Part of book: Global Perspectives on Sustainable Forest Management

3. Community Forestry Management and its Role in Biodiversity Conservation in Nepal

By Anup K.C.

Part of book: Global Exposition of Wildlife Management

4. Forestry Entrepreneurs — Research on High Performance Business Model

By Étienne St-Jean and Luc LeBel

Part of book: Precious Forests - Precious Earth

5. Realities on Deforestation in Tanzania — Trends, Drivers, Implications and the Way Forward

By Jafari R. Kideghesho

Part of book: Precious Forests - Precious Earth

6. Modeling Deforestation and CO2 Emissions in Tropical Forests (Western South Amazon)

By Valderli Jorge Piontekowski, Ângela Pereira Bussinguer, Fabiana Piontekowski Ribeiro, Jonas Inkotte, Karla Monique Silva Carneiro Valadão, Marco Bruno Xavier Valadão, Mirella Basileu de Oliveira Lima, Alcides Gatto, Eraldo Aparecido Trondoli Matricardi and Reginaldo Sérgio Pereira

Part of book: New Perspectives in Forest Science

7. Forest Fire Monitoring

By Ahmad AA Alkhatib

Part of book: Forest Fire

8. The Disturbed Habitat and Its Effects on the Animal Population

By Maria Teresa Capucchio, Elena Colombino, Martina Tarantola, Davide Biagini, Loris Giovanni Alborali, Antonio Marco Maisano, Federico Scali, Federica Raspa, Emanuela Valle, Ilaria Biasato, Achille Schiavone, Cristian Salogni, Valentina Bar, Claudia Gili and Franco Guarda

Part of book: Habitats of the World - Biodiversity and Threats

9. Geospatial Analysis of Deforestation and Land Use Dynamics in a Region of Southwestern Nigeria

By Nathaniel O. Adeoye, Albert A. Abegunde and Samson Adeyinka

Part of book: Deforestation Around the World

10. Deviation from Grazing Optimum in the Grassland Habitats of Romania Within and Outside the Natura 2000 Network

By Anamaria Roman, Tudor-Mihai Ursu, Irina Onțel, Teodor Marușca, Oliviu Grigore Pop, Sretco Milanovici, Alexandru Sin-Schneider, Carmen Adriana Gheorghe, Sorin Avram, Sorina Fărcaș and József Pál Frink

Part of book: Habitats of the World - Biodiversity and Threats