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Greenhouse Gases - Capturing, Utilization and Reduction

Edited by Guoxiang Liu, ISBN 978-953-51-0192-5, 348 pages, Publisher: InTech, Chapters published March 09, 2012 under CC BY 3.0 license
DOI: 10.5772/2521
Edited Volume

Understanding greenhouse gas capture, utilization, reduction, and storage is essential for solving issues such as global warming and climate change that result from greenhouse gas. Taking advantage of the authors' experience in greenhouse gases, this book discusses an overview of recently developed techniques, methods, and strategies: - Novel techniques and methods on greenhouse gas capture by physical adsorption and separation, chemical structural reconstruction, and biological utilization. - Systemic discussions on greenhouse gas reduction by policy conduction, mitigation strategies, and alternative energy sources. - A comprehensive review of geological storage monitoring technologies.