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Medicine » Mental and Behavioural Disorders and Diseases of the Nervous System » "Understanding Alzheimer's Disease", book edited by Inga Zerr, ISBN 978-953-51-1009-5, Published: February 27, 2013 under CC BY 3.0 license. © The Author(s).

Chapter 5

Phosphorylation of Tau Protein Associated as a Protective Mechanism in the Presence of Toxic, C-Terminally Truncated Tau in Alzheimer's Disease

By José Luna-Muñoz, Charles R. Harrington, Claude M. Wischik, Paola Flores-Rodríguez, Jesús Avila, Sergio R. Zamudio, Fidel De la Cruz, Raúl Mena, Marco A. Meraz-Ríos and Benjamin Floran-Garduño
DOI: 10.5772/54228


Last Update: February 20, 2018

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    Albert J. Lyons, Neha S. Gandhi and Ricardo L. Mancera
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