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Industrial Design - New Frontiers

Edited by Denis A. Coelho, ISBN 978-953-307-622-5, 202 pages, Publisher: InTech, Chapters published November 09, 2011 under CC BY 3.0 license
DOI: 10.5772/849
Edited Volume

A new breed of modern designers is on the way. These non-traditional industrial designers work across disciplines, understand human beings, as well as business and technology thus bridging the gap between customer needs and technological advancement of tomorrow. This book uncovers prospective designer techniques and methods of a new age of industrial design, whose practitioners strive to construct simple and yet complex products of the future. The novel frontiers of a new era of industrial design are exposed, in what concerns the design process, in illustrating the use of new technologies in design and in terms of the advancement of culturally inspired design. The diverse perspectives taken by the authors of this book ensure stimulating reading and will assist readers in leaping forward in their own practice of industrial design, and in preparing new research that is relevant and aligned with the current challenges of this fascinating field.

  1. Optimal stamping direction for an automotive part
    Min Liao, Jing Liu, Yu Liu and Shuang Wang
  2. Green Approaches to Biocomposite Materials Science and Engineering
    Muhd Ridzuan Mansor, S. M. Sapuan, Mohd Azli Salim, Mohd Zaid Akop, M. T. Musthafah and M. A. Shaharuzaman
  3. An innovative design approach to develop external articular medical devices
    Ricardo Duarte, Michel Mesnard and Jean-Pierre Nadeau