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Gasification for Practical Applications

Edited by Yongseung Yun, ISBN 978-953-51-0818-4, 350 pages, Publisher: InTech, Chapters published October 24, 2012 under CC BY 3.0 license
DOI: 10.5772/3132
Edited Volume

Although there were many books and papers that deal with gasification, there has been only a few practical book explaining the technology in actual application and the market situation in reality. Gasification is a key technology in converting coal, biomass, and wastes to useful high-value products. Until renewable energy can provide affordable energy hopefully by the year 2030, gasification can bridge the transition period by providing the clean liquid fuels, gas, and chemicals from the low grade feedstock. Gasification still needs many upgrades and technology breakthroughs. It remains in the niche market, not fully competitive in the major market of electricity generation, chemicals, and liquid fuels that are supplied from relatively cheap fossil fuels. The book provides the practical information for researchers and graduate students who want to review the current situation, to upgrade, and to bring in a new idea to the conventional gasification technologies.

  1. Process performance improvement in a co-current, fixed bed biomass gasification facility by control system modifications
    Robert Mikulandrić, Dražen Lončar, Dorith Böhning, Rene Böhme and Michael Beckmann
  2. Transition Metal Oxides as Catalysts for Hydrogen Production from Supercritical Water Gasification of Glucose
    Changqing Cao, Yi Zhang, Wen Cao, Hui Jin, Liejin Guo and Ziyang Huo
  3. Inorganic Polymers from a Plasma Convertor Slag: Effect of Activating Solution on Microstructure and Properties
    Lubica Kriskova, Lieven Machiels and Yiannis Pontikes
  4. Sustainable Solid Waste Management
    Qunxing Huang, Xu Cai, Moussa-Mallave Alhadj-Mallah, Jun Wang, Feiyan Mao and Xu Han
  5. Municipal Solid Waste Plasma Processing: Thermodynamic Computation and Experiment
    Vladimir E. Messerle, Alfred L. Mosse and Alexander B. Ustimenko
  6. Microplastics thermal treatment by polyethylene terephthalate-biomass gasification
    Raquel Tavares, Ana Ramos and Abel Rouboa
  7. Environmental Friendly Fluidized Bed Combustion of Solid Fuels: A Review About Local Scale Modeling of Char Heterogeneous Combustion
    Germán D. Mazza, José M. Soria, Daniel Gauthier, Andrés Reyes Urrutia, Mariana Zambon and Gilles Flamant
  8. Partial-retuning of decentralised PI controller of nonlinear multivariable process using firefly algorithm
    Kotteeswaran Rangasamy and Lingappan Sivakumar