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Ionic Liquids

New Aspects for the Future

Concerns with ionic liquids are one of the most interesting and rapidly developing areas in modern physical chemistry, materials science, technologies, and engineering. Increasing attention has also been paid to the use of ionic liquids in the research fields of biological aspects and natural resources. This book provides the forum for dissemination and exchange of up-to-date scientific information on theoretical, generic, and applied areas of ionic liquids. It, therefore, tends to review recent progresses in ionic liquid research on fundamental properties, solvents and catalysts in organic reactions, biological applications, providing energies and fuels, biomass conversions, functional materials, and other applications. I trust that this book will provide an active source of information for research in ionic liquid science and engineering.

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Ionic LiquidsNew Aspects for the FutureEdited by Jun-ichi Kadokawa

Published: January 23rd 2013

DOI: 10.5772/45605

ISBN: 978-953-51-0937-2

eBook (PDF) ISBN: 978-953-51-4256-0

Copyright year: 2013

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Open access peer-reviewed

1. The Dynamical Properties on Ionic Liquids: Insights from Molecular Dynamics Study

By Tateki Ishida


Open access peer-reviewed

2. Modeling of Ionic Liquid Systems: Phase Equilibria and Physical Properties

By Filipa M. Maia, Noelia Calvar, Emilio J. González, Aristides P. Carneiro, Oscar Rodriguez and Eugénia A. Macedo


Open access peer-reviewed

3. A Comparative Study of Piperidinium and Imidazolium Based Ionic Liquids: Thermal, Spectroscopic and Theoretical Studies

By Madhulata Shukla and Satyen Saha


Open access peer-reviewed

4. Spectral-Structure Activity Relationship (Spectral-SAR) Assessment of Ionic Liquids’ in Silico Ecotoxicity

By Ana-Maria Putz and Mihai V. Putz


Open access peer-reviewed

5. Tribological Properties of Ionic Liquids

By Yuriko Kondo, Tahahiro Koyama and Shinya Sasaki


Open access peer-reviewed

6. Hydrodynamics of Ionic Liquids in Bubble Columns

By Vicky Lange, Barry J. Azzopardi and Pete Licence


Open access peer-reviewed

7. Synthesis, Properties and Physical Applications of IoNanofluids

By Carlos Nieto de Castro, Ana P. C. Ribeiro, Salomé I.C. Vieira, João M. P. França, Maria J.V. Lourenço, Fernando V. Santos, Sohel M.S Murshed, Peter Goodrich and Christopher Hardacre


Open access peer-reviewed

8. The Structure of Supported Ionic Liquids at the Interface

By Fatemeh Moosavi


Open access peer-reviewed

9. Ionic Liquids for Green Energy Applications - Local Structure and Dynamics by Advanced Spectroscopic Techniques

By Anna Martinelli


Open access peer-reviewed

10. Solid-State Ionic Liquid Based Electrolytes for Dye-Sensitized Solar Cells

By Chuan-Pei Lee, Te-Chun Chu, Ling-Yu Chang, Jiang-Jen Lin and Kuo-Chuan Ho


Open access peer-reviewed

11. Recent Advances in the Science and Technology of Desulfurization of Diesel Fuel Using Ionic Liquids

By Elaheh Kowsari


Open access peer-reviewed

12. Liquefaction of Wood by Ionic Liquid Treatment

By Hisashi Miyafuji


Open access peer-reviewed

13. Applications of Ionic Liquids in Lignin Chemistry

By Zhu Yinghuai, Karen Tang Yuanting and Narayan S. Hosmane


Open access peer-reviewed

14. Ionic Liquids: “Green” Solvent for Catalytic Oxidations with Hydrogen Peroxide

By Liangfang Zhu and Changwei Hu


Open access peer-reviewed

15. New Brønsted Ionic Liquids: Synthesis, Thermodinamics and Catalytic Activity in Aldol Condensation Reactions

By I. Cota, R. Gonzalez-Olmos, M. Iglesias and F. Medina


Open access peer-reviewed

16. Protic and Nonprotic Ionic Liquids in Polar Diels-Alder Reactions Using Properly Substituted Heterocycles and Carbocycles as Dienophiles. A DFT study

By Pedro M. E. Mancini, Carla M. Ormachea, Claudia D. Della Rosa, María N. Kneeteman and Luis R. Domingo


Open access peer-reviewed

17. Ionic Liquids as Doping Agents in Microwave Assisted Reactions

By Marcos A. P. Martins, Jefferson Trindade Filho, Guilherme S. Caleffi, Lilian Buriol and Clarissa P. Frizzo


Open access peer-reviewed

18. Multicomponent Reactions in Ionic Liquids

By Ahmed Al Otaibi and Adam McCluskey


Open access peer-reviewed

19. Safer and Greener Catalysts – Design of High Performance, Biodegradable and Low Toxicity Ionic Liquids

By Rohitkumar G. Gore and Nicholas Gathergood


Open access peer-reviewed

20. New Generations of Ionic Liquids Applied to Enzymatic Biocatalysis

By Ana P.M. Tavares, Oscar Rodríguez and Eugénia A. Macedo


Open access peer-reviewed

21. Pharmaceutical Salts: Solids to Liquids by Using Ionic Liquid Design

By Clarissa P. Frizzo, Izabelle M. Gindri, Aniele Z. Tier, Lilian Buriol, Dayse N. Moreira and Marcos A. P. Martins


Open access peer-reviewed

22. Increase in Thermal Stability of Proteins by Aprotic Ionic Liquids

By Hidetaka Noritomi


Open access peer-reviewed

23. Use of Ionic Liquid Under Vacuum Conditions

By Susumu Kuwabata, Tsukasa Torimoto, Akihito Imanishi and Tetsuya Tsuda


Open access peer-reviewed

24. Plasma Process on Ionic Liquid Substrate for Morphology Controlled Nanoparticles

By Toshiro Kaneko, Shohei Takahashi and Rikizo Hatakeyama


Open access peer-reviewed

25. Ionic-Liquid-Assisted Synthesis of Hierarchical Ceramic Nanomaterials as Nanofillers for Electromagnetic-Absorbing Coatings

By Elaheh Kowsari


Open access peer-reviewed

26. Ionic Liquids as Components in Fluorescent Functional Materials

By Jun-ichi Kadokawa


Open access peer-reviewed

27. Preparation, Physicochemical Properties and Battery Applications of a Novel Poly(Ionic Liquid)

By Takaya Sato, Takashi Morinaga and Takeo Ishizuka


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