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  • Open Systems, Entanglement and Quantum Optics
    Open Systems, Entanglement and Quantum Optics
    Editor Andrzej Jamiolkowski
    ISBN 978-953-51-1141-2,
    146 pages, July, 2013
    The subject of this book is a presentation of some aspects of modern theory of open quantum systems. It introduces several up-to- date topics, such as detecting quantum entanglement, modeling of quantum noise, quantum communication processes, and com ...
  • Advances in Quantum Mechanics
    Advances in Quantum Mechanics
    Editor Paul Bracken
    ISBN 978-953-51-1089-7,
    790 pages, April, 2013
    The development of quantum mechanics has taken physics in a vastly new direction from that of classical physics from the very start. In fact, there continue at present to be many developments in the subject of a very fundamental nature, such as impl ...
  • Advances in Photonic Crystals
    Advances in Photonic Crystals
    Editor Vittorio M.N. Passaro
    ISBN 978-953-51-0954-9,
    348 pages, February, 2013
    This book collects chapters on different theoretical and experimental aspects of photonics crystals for Nanophotonics applications. It is divided in two parts - a theoretical section and an experimental and applicative section. The first part include ...
  • Optoelectronics - Advanced Materials and Devices
    Optoelectronics - Advanced Materials and Devices
    Editor Sergei L. Pyshkin and John M. Ballato
    ISBN 978-953-51-0922-8,
    494 pages, January, 2013
    Optoelectronics - Advanced Materials and Devices is a second edition following the initial Optoelectronics - Materials and Techniques book published in 2011 as part of the InTech collection of international works on optoelectronics. Optoelectronics, ...
  • Adaptive Optics Progress
    Adaptive Optics Progress
    Editor Robert K. Tyson
    ISBN 978-953-51-0894-8,
    228 pages, December, 2012
    For over four decades there has been continuous progress in adaptive optics technology, theory, and systems development. Recently there also has been an explosion of applications of adaptive optics throughout the fields of communications and medicin ...
  • Plasmonics - Principles and Applications
    Plasmonics - Principles and Applications
    Editor Ki Young Kim
    ISBN 978-953-51-0797-2,
    558 pages, October, 2012
    The title of this book, Plasmonics: Principles and Applications, encompasses theory, technical issues, and practical applications which are of interest for diverse classes of the plasmonics. The book is a collection of the contemporary researches a ...
  • Laser Pulses - Theory, Technology, and Applications
    Laser Pulses - Theory, Technology, and Applications
    Editor Igor Peshko
    ISBN 978-953-51-0796-5,
    558 pages, October, 2012
    This book discusses aspects of laser pulses generation, characterization, and practical applications. Some new achievements in theory, experiments, and design are demonstrated. The introductive chapter shortly overviews the physical principles of pul ...
  • Optical Devices in Communication and Computation
    Optical Devices in Communication and Computation
    Editor Peng Xi
    ISBN 978-953-51-0763-7,
    240 pages, September, 2012
    Optical devices in communication and computation have a significant impact on our daily life, although we may not even be aware of their existence, as in case of inter-continent fiber cables that connect people around the world, making it a global vi ...