Nanotechnology and Nanomaterials

  • Nanocrystals
    Editor Yoshitake Masuda
    ISBN 978-953-307-126-8
    326 pages, October, 2010
    This book contains a number of latest research developments on nanocrystals. It is a promising new research area that has received a lot of attention in recent years. Here you will find interesting reports on cutting-edge science and technology relat ...
  • Silver Nanoparticles
    Silver Nanoparticles
    Editor David Pozo Perez
    ISBN 978-953-307-028-5
    342 pages, March, 2010
    Nanotechnology will be soon required in most engineering and science curricula. It cannot be questioned that cutting-edge applications based on nanoscience are having a considerable impact in nearly all fields of research, from basic to more problem ...
  • Carbon Nanotubes
    Carbon Nanotubes
    Editor Jose Mauricio Marulanda
    ISBN 978-953-307-054-4
    782 pages, March, 2010
    This book has been outlined as follows: A review on the literature and increasing research interests in the field of carbon nanotubes. Fabrication techniques followed by an analysis on the physical properties of carbon nanotubes. The device physics ...
  • Cutting Edge Nanotechnology
    Cutting Edge Nanotechnology
    Editor Dragica Vasileska
    ISBN 978-953-7619-93-0
    444 pages, March, 2010
    The main purpose of this book is to describe important issues in various types of devices ranging from conventional transistors (opening chapters of the book) to molecular electronic devices whose fabrication and operation is discussed in the last f ...
  • Electrodeposited Nanowires and their Applications
    Electrodeposited Nanowires and their Applications
    Editor Nicoleta Lupu
    ISBN 978-953-7619-88-6
    236 pages, February, 2010
    The book offers a new and complex perspective on the fabrication and use of electrodeposited nanowires for the design of efficient and competitive applications. While not pretending to be comprehensive, the book is addressing not only to researchers ...
  • Nanowires Science and Technology
    Nanowires Science and Technology
    Editor Nicoleta Lupu
    ISBN 978-953-7619-89-3
    410 pages, February, 2010
    This book describes nanowires fabrication and their potential applications, both as standing alone or complementing carbon nanotubes and polymers. Understanding the design and working principles of nanowires described here, requires a multidisciplina ...
  • Nanofibers
    Editor Ashok Kumar
    ISBN 978-953-7619-86-2
    450 pages, February, 2010
    “There’s Plenty of Room at the Bottom” ⎯ this was the title of the lecture Prof. Richard Feynman delivered at California Institute of Technology on December 29, 1959 at the American Physical Society meeting. He considered the possibility to ...
  • Nanowires
    Editor Paola Prete
    ISBN 978-953-7619-79-4
    428 pages, February, 2010
    This volume is intended to orient the reader in the fast developing field of semiconductor nanowires, by providing a series of self-contained monographs focusing on various nanowire-related topics. Each monograph serves as a short review of previous ...