• Tissue Engineering
    Tissue Engineering
    Editor Daniel Eberli
    ISBN 978-953-307-079-7
    534 pages, March, 2010
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    The Tissue Engineering approach has major advantages over traditional organ transplantation and circumvents the problem of organ shortage. Tissues that closely match the patient’s needs can be reconstructed from readily available biopsies and subs ...
  • Biomedical Imaging
    Biomedical Imaging
    Editor Youxin Mao
    ISBN 978-953-307-071-1
    108 pages, March, 2010
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    Biomedical imaging is becoming an indispensable branch within bioengineering. This research field has recently expanded due to the requirement of high-level medical diagnostics and rapid development of interdisciplinary modern technologies. This b ...
  • Rehabilitation Engineering
    Rehabilitation Engineering
    Editor Tan Yen Kheng
    ISBN 978-953-307-023-0
    288 pages, December, 2009
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    Population ageing has major consequences and implications in all areas of our daily life as well as other important aspects, such as economic growth, savings, investment and consumption, labour markets, pensions, property and care from one generatio ...
  • Medical Robotics
    Medical Robotics
    Editor Vanja Bozovic
    ISBN 978-3-902613-18-9
    536 pages, January, 2008
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    The first generation of surgical robots are already being installed in a number of operating rooms around the world. Robotics is being introduced to medicine because it allows for unprecedented control and precision of surgical instruments in minimal ...
  • Rehabilitation Robotics
    Rehabilitation Robotics
    Editor Sashi S Kommu
    ISBN 978-3-902613-04-2
    648 pages, August, 2007
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    The coupling of several areas of the medical field with recent advances in robotic systems has seen a paradigm shift in our approach to selected sectors of medical care, especially over the last decade. Rehabilitation medicine is one such area. The d ...