• Psychiatric Disorders - Worldwide Advances
    Psychiatric Disorders - Worldwide Advances
    Editor Toru Uehara
    ISBN 978-953-307-833-5
    350 pages, October, 2011
    A psychiatric disorder is defined as any complex condition that involves the impairment of cognitive, emotional, or behavioral functioning. Aside from knowing the physical organic factors, its causal pathology has remained a mystery. Regarding recent ...
  • New Insights into the Prevention and Treatment of Bulimia Nervosa
    New Insights into the Prevention and Treatment of Bulimia Nervosa
    Editor Phillipa Hay
    ISBN 978-953-307-767-3
    202 pages, October, 2011
    Bulimia nervosa and eating disorders are common cause of distress and health related burden for young women and men. Despite major advances over the past three decades many patients come late to treatment and find that the therapy is incompletely ad ...
  • Treatment of Metastatic Melanoma
    Treatment of Metastatic Melanoma
    Editor Rachael Morton
    ISBN 978-953-307-574-7
    360 pages, October, 2011
    Surgery continues to be the mainstay treatment for melanoma localized to the primary tumor and/or lymph nodes. Results from randomized controlled trials indicate that sentinel node biopsy for the treatment of cutaneous melanoma of intermediate thickn ...
  • Flavivirus Encephalitis
    Flavivirus Encephalitis
    Editor Daniel Růžek
    ISBN 978-953-307-669-0
    490 pages, October, 2011
    Encephalitis is an inflammation of the brain tissue associated with clinical evidence of brain dysfunction. The disease is of high public health importance worldwide due to its high morbidity and mortality. Flaviviruses, such as tick-borne encephalit ...
  • CT Scanning - Techniques and Applications
    CT Scanning - Techniques and Applications
    Editor Karupppasamy Subburaj
    ISBN 978-953-307-943-1
    358 pages, October, 2011
    Since its introduction in 1972, X-ray computed tomography (CT) has evolved into an essential diagnostic imaging tool for a continually increasing variety of clinical applications. The goal of this book was not simply to summarize currently available ...
  • Implant Dentistry - The Most Promising Discipline of Dentistry
    Implant Dentistry - The Most Promising Discipline of Dentistry
    Editor Ilser Turkyilmaz
    ISBN 978-953-307-481-8
    488 pages, October, 2011
    Since Dr. Branemark presented the osseointegration concept with dental implants, implant dentistry has changed and improved dramatically. The use of dental implants has skyrocketed in the past thirty years. As the benefits of therapy became apparent, ...
  • Human Genetic Diseases
    Human Genetic Diseases
    Editor Dijana Plaseska-Karanfilska
    ISBN 978-953-307-936-3
    298 pages, October, 2011
    The genetics science is less than 150 years old, but its accomplishments have been astonishing. Genetics has become an indispensable component of almost all research in modern biology and medicine. Human genetic variation is associated with many, if ...
  • New Techniques in Gastrointestinal Endoscopy
    New Techniques in Gastrointestinal Endoscopy
    Editor Oliviu Pascu and Andrada Seicean
    ISBN 978-953-307-777-2
    322 pages, October, 2011
    As result of progress, endoscopy has became more complex, using more sophisticated devices and has claimed a special form. In this moment, the gastroenterologist performing endoscopy has to be an expert in macroscopic view of the lesions in the gut, ...