• Agroecology
    Editor Vytautas Pilipavičius
    ISBN 978-953-51-2130-5
    230 pages, June, 2015
    This book is a collection of chapters, concerning the developments within the Agroecology field of study. The book includes scholarly contributions by various authors pertinent to Agricultural and Biological Sciences. Each contribution comes as a sep ...
  • Biodiversity in Ecosystems - Linking Structure and Function
    Biodiversity in Ecosystems - Linking Structure and Function
    Editor Yueh-Hsin Lo, Juan A. Blanco and Shovonlal Roy
    ISBN 978-953-51-2028-5
    658 pages, April, 2015
    The term biodiversity has become a mainstream concept that can be found in any newspaper at any given time. Concerns on biodiversity protection are usually linked to species protection and extinction risks for iconic species, such as whales, pandas a ...
  • Biotechnology
    Editor Deniz Ekinci
    ISBN 978-953-51-2040-7
    240 pages, April, 2015
    Over the recent years, biotechnology has become responsible for explaining interactions of biological tools and processes so that many scientists in the life sciences from agronomy to medicine are engaged in biotechnological research. This book conta ...
  • Molecular Approaches to Genetic Diversity
    Molecular Approaches to Genetic Diversity
    Editor Mahmut Caliskan, Guul Cevahir Oz, I. Halil Kavakli and Birguul Ozcan
    ISBN 978-953-51-2042-1
    218 pages, April, 2015
    In the last 50 years, combinations of conventional and molecular methods have made the genetic diversity a widespread science. Moreover, the issue of conserving genetic diversity as a component of the conservation of the environment has been raised a ...
  • Soilless Culture - Use of Substrates for the Production of Quality Horticultural Crops
    Soilless Culture - Use of Substrates for the Production of Quality Horticultural Crops
    Editor Md. Asaduzzaman
    ISBN 978-953-51-1739-1
    172 pages, February, 2015
    Soilless Culture - Use of Substrates for the Production of Quality Horticultural Crops provides useful information on the techniques of growing horticultural crops using either inert organic or inorganic substrates and also on use of substrates consi ...
  • Storage Stability of Fuels
    Storage Stability of Fuels
    Editor Krzysztof Biernat
    ISBN 978-953-51-1734-6
    276 pages, February, 2015
    This book presents an analysis of the results of studies of motor fuels ageing, conducted in laboratory and model conditions, in terms of building a system operating on-line, allowing continuous assessment of the operational usability of gasoline and ...
  • 胚胎移植新进展
    Advances in Embryo Transfer
    胚胎移植新进展<br />Advances in Embryo Transfer
    Editor Bin Wu
    ISBN 978-953-51-1727-8
    214 pages, October, 2014
    本书阐述了生殖医学相关的技术知识,以21世纪最新进展和发展趋势为重点,注重创新性、实用性。 其内容从最佳的卵巢刺激方案、授精技术新进展,到胚胎移植操作技巧、胚胎冷冻保存以 ...
  • Adult Stem Cell Niches
    Adult Stem Cell Niches
    Editor Sabine Wislet-Gendebien
    ISBN 978-953-51-1718-6
    328 pages, August, 2014
    Tissue-specific stem cells have the capacity to self-renew and differentiate into several types of functional cells that replenish lost cells throughout an organism?s lifetime. Studies on stem cells from diverse systems have shown that stem cell func ...