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  • Recent Advances in Immunology to Target Cancer, Inflammation and Infections
    Recent Advances in Immunology to Target Cancer, Inflammation and Infections
    Edited by Jagat R. Kanwar
    ISBN 978-953-51-0592-3,
    532 pages, May, 2012
    Immunology is the branch of biomedical sciences to study of the immune system physiology both in healthy and diseased states. Some aspects of autoimmunity draws our attention to the fact that it is not always associated with pathology. For instance, ...
  • Antiphospholipid Syndrome
    Antiphospholipid Syndrome
    Edited by Alena Bulikova
    ISBN 978-953-51-0526-8,
    242 pages, April, 2012
    The antiphospholipid syndrome has been described for the first time by Graham Hughes in 1983 as a condition connected with thromboses or foetal losses and antiphospholipid antibodies presence. Form that time there has been a great progress in knowled ...
  • Osteomyelitis
    Edited by Mauricio S. Baptista and Joao Paulo Tardivo
    ISBN 978-953-51-0399-8,
    188 pages, March, 2012
    If you want to learn more about osteomyelitis you should not miss this book. The editors are professionals and scientists working in health sciences and the chapters have been prepared by experts in the field, covering subjects related with the funda ...
  • Allergic Rhinitis
    Allergic Rhinitis
    Edited by Marek L. Kowalski
    ISBN 978-953-51-0288-5,
    226 pages, March, 2012
    Allergic rhinitis, while troublesome for a patient, may be also a challenge for the physician. That is why physicians must still learn more on the pathophysiology, clinical spectrum and novel diagnostic and therapeutic approaches to the disease. The ...
  • Systemic Lupus Erythematosus
    Systemic Lupus Erythematosus
    Edited by Hani Almoallim
    ISBN 978-953-51-0266-3,
    564 pages, March, 2012
    This book provides a comprehensive overview of the basic and clinical sciences of Systemic Lupus Erythematosus. It is suitable for basic scientists looking for detailed coverage of their areas of interest. It describes how advances in molecular biolo ...
  • Allergic Diseases - Highlights in the Clinic, Mechanisms and Treatment
    Allergic Diseases - Highlights in the Clinic, Mechanisms and Treatment
    Edited by Celso Pereira
    ISBN 978-953-51-0227-4,
    566 pages, March, 2012
    The present Edition "Allergic diseases - highlights in the clinic, mechanisms and treatment" aims to present some recent aspects related to one of the most prevalent daily clinical expression disease. The effort of a group of outstanding experts from ...
  • Osteoarthritis - Diagnosis, Treatment and Surgery
    Osteoarthritis - Diagnosis, Treatment and Surgery
    Edited by Qian Chen
    ISBN 978-953-51-0168-0,
    416 pages, March, 2012
    Osteoarthritis is one of the most debilitating diseases affecting millions of people worldwide. However, there is no FDA approved disease modifying drug specifically for OA. Surgery remains an effective last resort to restore the function of the join ...
  • Immunosuppression - Role in Health and Diseases
    Immunosuppression - Role in Health and Diseases
    Edited by Suman Kapur and Maristela Barbosa Portela
    ISBN 978-953-51-0152-9,
    484 pages, February, 2012
    A need for a book on immunology which primarily focuses on the needs of medical and clinical research students was recognized. This book, "Immunosuppression - Role in Health and Diseases" is relatively short and contains topics relevant to the unders ...