• Superconductors - New Developments
    Superconductors - New Developments NEW
    Editor Alexander Gabovich
    ISBN 978-953-51-2133-6
    278 pages, August, 2015
    The chapters included in the book describe recent developments in the field of superconductivity. The book deals with both the experiment and the theory. Superconducting and normal-state properties are studied by various methods. The authors presente ...
  • Advances in Bioengineering
    Advances in Bioengineering
    Editor Pier Andrea Serra
    ISBN 978-953-51-2141-1
    390 pages, July, 2015
    The technological approach and the high level of innovation make bioengineering extremely dynamic and this forces researchers to continuous updating. It involves the publication of the results of the latest scientific research. This book covers a wid ...
  • Irrigation and Drainage - Sustainable Strategies and Systems
    Irrigation and Drainage - Sustainable Strategies and Systems
    Editor Muhammad Salik Javaid
    ISBN 978-953-51-2123-7
    126 pages, May, 2015
    The sustainability of irrigation and drainage in the face of many variants and constraints like availability of water as a resource, ecological balance, socio-cultural impacts, and climate change effects lies in the strategies adopted and systems emp ...
  • Solar Radiation Applications
    Solar Radiation Applications
    Editor Segun Raphael Bello
    ISBN 978-953-51-2124-4
    188 pages, May, 2015
    Two essential components of solar energy which are derivable from the sun-radiant light (passive solar power) and heat (active solar powers) have been harnessed for decades using a range of continuously-evolving and cutting-edge technologies. Such te ...
  • Energy Efficiency Improvements in Smart Grid Components
    Energy Efficiency Improvements in Smart Grid Components
    Editor Moustafa M. Eissa
    ISBN 978-953-51-2038-4
    348 pages, April, 2015
    This book is intended for academics and engineers who are working in universities, research institutes, utility and industry sectors wishing to enhance their idea and get new information about the energy efficiency developments in smart grid. The rea ...
  • Photonic Crystals
    Photonic Crystals
    Editor Alireza Bananej
    ISBN 978-953-51-2121-3
    178 pages, April, 2015
    As a reason of information explosion, electronic communication networks are not sufficient for high bit rate data transmission. This problem has been solved by optical networks which caused the birth of a new area of technology, photonics. In photoni ...
  • Hydrodynamics - Concepts and Experiments
    Hydrodynamics - Concepts and Experiments
    Editor Harry Edmar Schulz
    ISBN 978-953-51-2034-6
    166 pages, April, 2015
    The present book on Hydrodynamics - Concepts and Experiments contains six chapters, each of which devoted to a topic considered interesting to compose this book. Although the tools used in the different chapters are somewhat superposed, a first class ...
  • Satellite Positioning - Methods, Models and Applications
    Satellite Positioning - Methods, Models and Applications
    Editor Shuanggen Jin
    ISBN 978-953-51-1738-4
    212 pages, March, 2015
    Satellite positioning techniques, particularly global navigation satellite systems (GNSS), are capable of measuring small changes of the Earths shape and atmosphere, as well as surface characteristics with an unprecedented accuracy. This book is devo ...