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  • Computed Tomography - Special Applications
    Computed Tomography - Special Applications
    Editor Luca Saba
    ISBN 978-953-307-723-9
    328 pages, November, 2011
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    CT has evolved into an indispensable imaging method in clinical routine. The first generation of CT scanners developed in the 1970s and numerous innovations have improved the utility and application field of the CT, such as the introduction of helica ...
  • CT Scanning - Techniques and Applications
    CT Scanning - Techniques and Applications
    Editor Karupppasamy Subburaj
    ISBN 978-953-307-943-1
    358 pages, October, 2011
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    Since its introduction in 1972, X-ray computed tomography (CT) has evolved into an essential diagnostic imaging tool for a continually increasing variety of clinical applications. The goal of this book was not simply to summarize currently available ...
  • Advances in Applied Electromyography
    Advances in Applied Electromyography
    Editor Joseph Mizrahi
    ISBN 978-953-307-382-8
    224 pages, August, 2011
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    The electrical activity of the muscles, as measured by means of electromyography (EMG), is a major expression of muscle contraction. This book aims at providing an updated overview of the recent developments in electromyography from diverse aspects a ...
  • Ultrasound Imaging - Medical Applications
    Ultrasound Imaging - Medical Applications
    Editor Igor V. Minin and Oleg V. Minin
    ISBN 978-953-307-279-1
    342 pages, August, 2011
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    This book provides an overview of ultrafast ultrasound imaging, 3D high-quality ultrasonic imaging, correction of phase aberrations in medical ultrasound images, etc. Several interesting medical and clinical applications areas are also discussed in ...
  • Autism - A Neurodevelopmental Journey from Genes to Behaviour
    Autism - A Neurodevelopmental Journey from Genes to Behaviour
    Editor Valsamma Eapen
    ISBN 978-953-307-493-1
    498 pages, August, 2011
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    The book covers some of the key research developments in autism and brings together the current state of evidence on the neurobiologic understanding of this intriguing disorder. The pathogenetic mechanisms are explored by contributors from diverse pe ...
  • Ultrasound Imaging
    Ultrasound Imaging
    Editor Masayuki Tanabe
    ISBN 978-953-307-239-5
    220 pages, April, 2011
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    In this book, we present a dozen state of the art developments for ultrasound imaging, for example, hardware implementation, transducer, beamforming, signal processing, measurement of elasticity and diagnosis. The editors would like to thank all the ...
  • Theory and Applications of CT Imaging and Analysis
    Theory and Applications of CT Imaging and Analysis
    Editor Noriyasu Homma
    ISBN 978-953-307-234-0
    300 pages, April, 2011
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    The x-ray computed tomography (CT) is well known as a useful imaging method and thus CT images have continuingly been used for many applications, especially in medical fields. This book discloses recent advances and new ideas in theories and applicat ...
  • Neuroimaging
    Editor Cristina Marta Del-Ben
    ISBN 978-953-307-127-5
    144 pages, August, 2010
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    Neuroimaging has become a crucial technique for Neurosciences. Different structural, functional and neurochemical methods, developed in recent decades, have allowed a systematic investigation on the role of neural substrates involved in functions per ...