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  • Recent Advances in Signal Processing
    Recent Advances in Signal Processing
    Editor Ashraf A Zaher
    ISBN 978-953-307-002-5,
    558 pages, November, 2009
    The signal processing task is a very critical issue in the majority of new technological inventions and challenges in a variety of applications in both science and engineering fields. Classical signal processing techniques have largely worked with ma ...
  • Cognitive Radio Systems
    Cognitive Radio Systems
    Editor Wei Wang
    ISBN 978-953-307-021-6,
    340 pages, November, 2009
    Cognitive radio is a hot research area for future wireless communications in the recent years. In order to increase the spectrum utilization, cognitive radio makes it possible for unlicensed users to access the spectrum unoccupied by licensed users. ...
  • Engineering the Computer Science and IT
    Engineering the Computer Science and IT
    Editor Safeeullah Soomro
    ISBN 978-953-307-012-4,
    514 pages, October, 2009
    It has been many decades, since Computer Science has been able to achieve tremendous recognition and has been applied in various fields, mainly computer programming and software engineering. Many efforts have been taken ...
  • Pattern Recognition
    Pattern Recognition
    Editor Peng-Yeng Yin
    ISBN 978-953-307-014-8,
    578 pages, October, 2009
    For more than 40 years, pattern recognition approaches are continuingly improving and have been used in an increasing number of areas with great success. This book discloses recent advances and new ideas in approaches and applications for pattern re ...
  • Advanced Learning
    Advanced Learning
    Editor Raquel Hijon-Neira
    ISBN 978-953-307-010-0,
    444 pages, October, 2009
    The education industry has obviously been influenced by the Internet revolution. Teaching and learning methods have changed significantly since the coming of the Web and it is very likely they will keep evolving many years to come thanks to it. A go ...
  • Evolutionary Computation
    Evolutionary Computation
    Editor Wellington Pinheiro dos Santos
    ISBN 978-953-307-008-7,
    582 pages, October, 2009
    This book presents several recent advances on Evolutionary Computation, specially evolution-based optimization methods and hybrid algorithms for several applications, from optimization and learning to pattern recognition and bioinformatics. Thi ...
  • Kalman Filter Recent Advances and Applications
    Kalman Filter Recent Advances and Applications
    Editor Victor M. Moreno and Alberto Pigazo
    ISBN 978-953-307-000-1,
    604 pages, April, 2009
    The aim of this book is to provide an overview of recent developments in Kalman filter theory and their applications in engineering and scientific fields. The book is divided into 24 chapters and organized in five blocks corresponding to recent adv ...
  • Sensor and Data Fusion
    Sensor and Data Fusion
    Editor Nada Milisavljevic
    ISBN 978-3-902613-52-3,
    436 pages, February, 2009
    Data fusion is a research area that is growing rapidly due to the fact that it provides means for combining pieces of information coming from different sources/sensors, resulting in ameliorated overall system performance (improved decision making, in ...