Computer and Information Science

  • E-learning
    Editor Marina Buzzi
    ISBN 978-953-7619-95-4
    312 pages, February, 2010
    E-Learning is a vast and complex research topic that poses many challenges in every aspect: educational and pedagogical strategies and techniques and the tools for achieving them; usability, accessibility and user interface design; knowledge sharing ...
  • Multimedia
    Editor Kazuki Nishi
    ISBN 978-953-7619-87-9
    452 pages, February, 2010
    Multimedia technology will play a dominant role during the 21st century and beyond, continuously changing the world. It has been embedded in every electronic system: PC, TV, audio, mobile phone, internet application, medical electronics, traffic con ...
  • Modelling Simulation and Optimization
    Modelling Simulation and Optimization
    Editor Gregorio Romero Rey and Luisa Martinez Muneta
    ISBN 978-953-307-048-3
    720 pages, February, 2010
    Computer-Aided Design and system analysis aim to find mathematical models that allow emulating the behaviour of components and facilities. The high competitiveness in industry, the little time available for product development and the high cost in t ...
  • Computational Intelligence and Modern Heuristics
    Computational Intelligence and Modern Heuristics
    Editor Al-Dahoud Ali
    ISBN 978-953-7619-28-2
    348 pages, February, 2010
    The chapters of this book are collected mainly from the best selected papers that have been published in the 4th International conference on Information Technology ICIT 2009, that has been held in Al-Zaytoonah University, Jordan in the period 3-5/ ...
  • Digital Video
    Digital Video
    Editor Floriano De Rango
    ISBN 978-953-7619-70-1
    514 pages, February, 2010
    This book tries to address different aspects and issues related to video and multimedia distribution over the heterogeneous environment considering broadband satellite networks and general wireless systems where wireless communications and condition ...
  • New Achievements in Evolutionary Computation
    New Achievements in Evolutionary Computation
    Editor Peter Korosec
    ISBN 978-953-307-053-7
    326 pages, February, 2010
    Evolutionary computation has been widely used in computer science for decades. Even though it started as far back as the 1960s with simulated evolution, the subject is still evolving. During this time, new metaheuristic optimization approaches, li ...
  • Machine Learning
    Machine Learning
    Editor Yagang Zhang
    ISBN 978-953-307-033-9
    446 pages, February, 2010
    Machine learning techniques have the potential of alleviating the complexity of knowledge acquisition. This book presents today’s state and development tendencies of machine learning. It is a multi-author book. Taking into account the large amount ...
  • New Advances in Machine Learning
    New Advances in Machine Learning
    Editor Yagang Zhang
    ISBN 978-953-307-034-6
    374 pages, February, 2010
    The purpose of this book is to provide an up-to-date and systematical introduction to the principles and algorithms of machine learning. The definition of learning is broad enough to include most tasks that we commonly call “learning” tasks, as ...