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  • Basic Principles and Clinical Significance of Oxidative Stress
    Basic Principles and Clinical Significance of Oxidative Stress
    Edited by Sivakumar Joghi Thatha Gowder
    ISBN 978-953-51-2200-5,
    328 pages, November, 2015
    It is a natural phenomenon for all living organisms in the world to undergo different kinds of stress during their life span. Stress has become a common problem for human beings in this materialistic world. In this period, a publication of any materi ...
  • Recent Advances in Proteomics Research
    Recent Advances in Proteomics Research
    Edited by Sameh Magdeldin
    ISBN 978-953-51-2201-2,
    164 pages, November, 2015
    Proteomics refers to the entire complement of proteins, including modification. This promising discipline has enabled us to study proteins from a massive and comprehensive point of view. The book Recent Advances in Proteomics Research describes in fi ...
  • New Discoveries in Embryology
    New Discoveries in Embryology
    Edited by Bin Wu
    ISBN 978-953-51-2182-4,
    266 pages, October, 2015
    Animal individual life begins as combination of sperm and oocyte, which results in the embryogenesis from ovum fertilization to fetal stage. Embryology has become one central discipline for many modern biotechnologies. Although this subject has been ...
  • Lipoproteins - From Bench to Bedside
    Lipoproteins - From Bench to Bedside
    Edited by Gerhard Kostner and Indumathi Chennamesetty
    ISBN 978-953-51-2178-7,
    162 pages, October, 2015
    In mammalian blood plasma there exist some 6 major lipoprotein classes. Under physiological conditions lipoproteins are certainly beneficial as they transport nutrients and steroids to numerous organs for further metabolism. On the other hand, under ...
  • Microbiology in Agriculture and Human Health
    Microbiology in Agriculture and Human Health
    Edited by Mohammad Manjur Shah
    ISBN 978-953-51-2144-2,
    140 pages, July, 2015
    Microbiology involves the study of microscopic living organisms. Most of them are unicellular and all the life processes are performed by a single cell. They are associated with the health and welfare of human beings. Among the biological sciences, m ...
  • Biotechnology
    Edited by Deniz Ekinci
    ISBN 978-953-51-2040-7,
    240 pages, April, 2015
    Over the recent years, biotechnology has become responsible for explaining interactions of biological tools and processes so that many scientists in the life sciences from agronomy to medicine are engaged in biotechnological research. This book conta ...
  • 胚胎移植新进展
    Advances in Embryo Transfer
    胚胎移植新进展<br />Advances in Embryo Transfer
    Edited by Bin Wu
    ISBN 978-953-51-1727-8,
    214 pages, October, 2014
    本书阐述了生殖医学相关的技术知识,以21世纪最新进展和发展趋势为重点,注重创新性、实用性。 其内容从最佳的卵巢刺激方案、授精技术新进展,到胚胎移植操作技巧、胚胎冷冻保存以 ...
  • Recent Advances in Cryopreservation
    Recent Advances in Cryopreservation
    Edited by Hideaki Yamashiro
    ISBN 978-953-51-1644-8,
    130 pages, July, 2014
    Cryopreservation of germ cells has potential applications not only for production of next generations of animals but also for general reproductive biology including several field of biology. The present book Recent Advances in Cryopreservation is wri ...