Start Your Own Book

When working on a new manuscript it is essential to choose a publisher that will provide you with a fast publishing process to the highest level of quality. InTech provides professional publishing services to researchers and research groups looking for a fast and professional partner which offers a wide, international reach.

InTech aims at providing free online access and international print distribution channels helping authors make their work visible and accessible to diverse new audiences around the world.


Your research can be published in the following publishing formats:

  • Single Author Monograph - specialized scientific book written by one main author
  • Multiple Author Monograph - scientific book written by different authors
  • Edited Book - research book where each chapter is written by different contributors and edited by an expert
  • Conference Proceedings


  • High Quality Service - 10 years of experience, +2,400 books published, highly influential scientific network
  • Fast Publishing Process - the manuscript will be be published within 2 months upon the manuscript completion
  • Tailor Made Product - we will cater to the specifics of your project and adapt to your requests
  • Full Support - you will be appointed a Publishing Process Manager who will oversee the process
  • Fair Pricing - for publishing services and printed copies of the book
  • High Visibility - 145,000 visitors to our webpage on a weekly basis
  • Widespread Dissemination - distribution to scientific databases and university libraries


InTech Open Access books will be sent out to multiple referees before there is any agreement to proceed with each manuscript. Publishing Statements of Work will only be issued after a positive peer-review outcome. The final manuscript may also be submitted to further refereeing either by a Series Editor or by an external reviewer.


Open Access makes knowledge accessible to all, without the barrier of affordability and restrictions on using it to inform and develop related areas of research. Your work will be published on an international platform, browsed by more then 145,000 visitors per week, shared and downloaded thousand of times.


Every author and Book Editor get a printed copy of the work/book. InTech’s scientific books are carefully designed and printed on premium quality paper, hard bound with the book block printed in color on uncoated paper. The cover is full color with a matt casewrap, hardcover binding. We collaborate with an award winning printing house for all ongoing book projects. Authors, Book Editors and their institutions are invited to order bulk copies of the book published at very reasonable prices.


All manuscripts are published under the Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported License which means you retain the Copyright to your work.


Publishing Process Steps

Manuscript Submission

The author/authors submit the manuscript to InTech. The manuscript can be 80 to 500 pages long.


The manuscript is reviewed by multiple external referees. All submitted manuscripts undergo plagiarism checks.

Definite Acceptance

Only upon receiving the manuscript, a plagiarism check is carried out and after the first scan by the Technical Editor (who determines all the technical requirements and time needed for formatting), the author is informed of the definite decision, financial requirements, and the time frame for receiving the first formatted version to be reviewed.

Price Set Up

The price is set up based on different parameters, which include:

  • Basic Fee*
  • Additional Technical Requirements
  • Language Editing
  • Timeframe for Publication
  • Print and Delivery (number of copies and format of printed books) - Where applied

*Covers the costs of: Project Management, Editorial and review processes, Cover design and book layouting, Promotion of the published book, ISBN number, 3 complimentary Hard Copies, Delivery

Preparation of the Required Documentation

The publisher sends an “Offer” to the author, based on the agreed terms. The Offer includes key information about the topic, target audience, number of pages, price, number and format of printed books, delivery conditions. After the Offer has been accepted by both parties (author and publisher), the publisher will send the author a “Statement of Work”. The document is a contract binding the parties to adhere to the terms agreed.

Language Editing

We highly recommend language revision and editing for all submitted manuscripts.

Technical Editing

In-house formatting. The usual delivery time of the first draft is 10 days. The content will be available online in HTML/XML and PDF formats.

Typeset Proof Cycles & Cover Design

Typesetting cycles take the amount of time needed for an author to send in corrections or to confirm the existing format. At this stage the author is also asked to send the information required for formatting the book cover (max 150 words), face or chest-up portrait photograph of himself/herself in .JPEG file format. Photos must be in high resolution (300 DPI), delivery information. The cover is designed in-house.


The author accepts the Copyright terms. All published manuscripts are licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported License.

Invoice / Payment

The invoice can be issued/paid by the author or the author’s insititution. The payment can be made by credit card from your Author Panel Page (one will be assigned to you at the beginning of the project) or via bank transfer as indicated on the invoice. We currently accept the following payment options:

  • Credit Card
  • Moneybookers
  • Bank Transfer

Online Publishing, Print & Delivery of the book

The books are published online at and print copies are delivered by DHL delivery, within 12-15 working days.

Submit your Book Proposal

If you are an experienced scientist in the STM field and you are interested in collaborating with us, please fill in this form and and return it to Ms. Danijela Duric, Head of Book Publishing at A decision will be sent within 30 days of receipt.