InTech Supports Authors from Developing Countries

At InTech we value our independence and operate as a sustainable commercial enterprise. As such, and in common with many other Open Access publishers, we require payment of an Article Processing Charge. However, we are aware that many scientists, especially in developing countries, may have difficulty in covering this cost due to a lack of financial resources.

We are able to support such researchers awarding exemptions from payment based on scientific merit. In 2010 we supported 361 researchers, and in 2011 this number increased to 2020 researchers from all over the world.

Article Processing Charges funded by InTech in 2010 361
Article Processing Charges funded by InTech in 2011 2020
Article Processing Charges funded by InTech in 2012 1696

The fact that we enable some of the authors to participate without bearing the cost of the APC is decided on a case by case basis, this is done solely on our discretion.

InTech Supports the Environment

InTech is committed to protecting the environment through choosing efficient business processes and minimizing waste and emissions.

Digital book publishing is not only a convenient way of publishing books, it is also an environmentally friendly one. Given that million of tons of carbon dioxide are produced annually from the production of books, environmental sustainability considerations favor digital book production over traditional print.

All InTech books are published both in hard copy and online, but we print on demand only. A large portion of printed books is never purchased, and therefore printing books on demand helps eliminate waste.

In addition, InTech's primary business is STM publishing. Alternative energy sources (wind, solar, hydro and other renewables) are topics that we cover extensively.

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