Publish Your Book

When working on a new book manuscript, it is essential to choose a publisher that will provide you with an efficient publishing process. InTechOpen offers publishing options to researchers and research groups looking for a professional partner with a wide, international reach.


InTechOpen aims to provide free online access and international print distribution channels helping authors make their work visible and accessible to diverse audiences around the world.


Our readership includes scientists, university and college professors, research professionals, students and users of academic libraries. Moreover, our publications are of great interest to engineering professionals, technical organizations and government departments.

Open Access

  • Makes scientific information accessible to all without paywall barriers or any restrictions when using such information for further research development
  • Allow unrestricted use of scientific information for teaching, conference presentations and lectures
  • Provides enhanced visibility for authors; wider dissemination, use and potentially higher impact of published material
  • Reduces the pressure on library budgets for procurement of books


InTechOpen’s books are carefully designed and printed on premium quality paper, hard bound with interior printed on uncoated paper. We collaborate with an award winning printing house on all ongoing book projects. Authors, editors and their institutions are welcome to order copies of the published books at reasonable prices.



  • Single- or multiple-author monograph - a self-contained work of writing on a particular subject written by one or more authors
  • Edited Book - an edited collection of chapters contributed by various authors
  • Conference Proceedings

What will you Get

  • High Quality Service - 10 years of publishing and more than 2,500 books published
  • Fast Publishing Process - the manuscript is published within two months of its review and acceptance
  • Tailor Made Product - we will cater to the specifics of your project and do our best to adapt to any specific requests you might have, as long as they are within reason and in line with scientific publishing standards
  • Full Support - you will be appointed a Publishing Process Manager who will provide you assistance and oversee the publishing process
  • Fair Pricing of publishing services and printed copies of the book
  • High Visibility - 132,000 visitors to our webpage on a weekly basis
  • Wide Dissemination - distribution to scientific databases and university libraries
  • Author in the Center - signature personal approach


Proposal Submission

The author is required to submit the completed publishing proposal form to InTechOpen.

The purpose of this form is to provide us with a general idea of your publishing proposal. The author receives a decision notice or a request for further information within 10-30 working days of the proposal submission.

Manuscript Submission

If the publishing proposal receives a positive review, the author is invited to submit the full manuscript (130 - 500 pages long) following the publisher's Author Guidelines (a guide to preparing the manuscript for submission). Each submitted manuscript undergoes a plagiarism check and enters the review process afterwards.

Peer Review

Referees are external collaborators who agreed to contribute their own expertise in reviewing the submitted manuscript, independently and on a voluntary basis.

Definite Acceptance

If the manuscript is formally accepted after review, the author is informed about this decision, the subsequent manuscript processing requirements and fees, and the date when the typeset manuscript is expected to be sent to the author for typeset proofing and his approval.

Price Quotation

The final price quotation depends on various parameters, including:

  • Basic Fee*
  • Technical Requirements
  • Publication Timeframe
  • Print and Delivery (if applicable)
  • * The final price depends on the volume of the publication and includes: project management, editorial and review services, technical editing, language copyediting, cover design and book layout, book promotion and ISBN assignment and the delivery of hard copies of the book. For a detailed price quote contact

Preparation of the Required Documentation

The publisher sends an offer — based on agreed upon terms related to the subject of the book, target audience, number of pages, price, number and format of printed books, and delivery conditions — to the author. After the offer has been accepted by both the author and the publisher, both parties sign a Statement of Work binding them to adhere to the agreed upon terms.


The author is asked to accept the Copyright Agreement.

Language Copyediting

All submitted manuscripts are sent to Language Copyediting.

Technical Editing

The manuscript is typeset and marked up in XML, and is available online in HTML and PDF format. First typeset version of the manuscript is usually supplied 10 days upon its original submission.

Typeset Proof Cycles & Cover Design

Duration of typesetting cycles depends on the time required for the author to propose corrections and ultimately approve a typeset version of the manuscript. At this stage the author is required to provide a short summary of his book (up to 150 words), and a high resolution (300 DPI or more) face or chest-up portrait photograph of himself (in jpeg. file format). These are required for book cover design.

Invoice Payment

The invoice is generally paid by the author, the author’s institution or funder. The payment can be made by credit card from your Author Panel Page (one will be assigned to you at the beginning of the project), or via bank transfer as indicated on the invoice. We currently accept the following payment options:

  • Credit Card
  • PayPal
  • Bank Transfer

Online Publishing, Print & Delivery of the book

The books are published online at Print copies are delivered by DHL within 12-15 work days.

Send your Proposal

Please fill out the publishing proposal form. The completed form should serve as an overview of your future InTechOpen Monograph or Edited Book project. Once submitted, your publishing proposal will be sent for evaluation, and a notice of acceptance or rejection will be sent within 10 to 30 working days from the date of submission.