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InTech pioneered Open Access book publishing, becoming the publisher of one of the largest OA book catalogs in the world.

With more than 2,500 books and 5 journals published, over 20,000 citations in Web of Science databases and +82 million downloads up to date, InTech ensures that your research is visible and available to international science communities in your field.

+20,000 +82 million +679,000


We have harnessed technology to accelerate the publishing process and we have appointed a dedicated team that will support you trough the entire publishing process.

Publishing your work in open access grants free immediate access to full text versions of your research articles. With unrestricted accessibility to scientific content, open access accelerates the pace of scientific discovery, encourages innovation and improves education. To make that possible, the publisher applies an Article Processing Charge. In addition to publishing freely accessible content online, print versions of all published works are also available on demand.

Based on your preferences and the stage of your scientific projects, you have multiple options for publishing your scientific research with InTech.

Publish in a Journal

  • 5 scientific journals
  • Strong Editorial Boards
  • Peer-reviewed
  • Indexed
  • Titles holding Impact Factors
  • 4 to 12 pages long articles
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Publish a Book Chapter

  • Edited Volumes
  • Publishing by invitation
  • Editorial review process
  • Titles indexed in Web of Science
  • Comprehensive analysis
  • 22+ pages long chapters
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Publish Your Book

  • Long form
  • Professional publishing partner to researchers and research groups
  • Single Author Monographs
  • Multiple Author Monographs
  • Edited Books
  • Peer Review
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Conference Proceedings

  • Book and Journal format
  • Custom solutions
  • Professional and experienced publishing partner
  • Optimized publication process
  • Exposure to an international subject related audience
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InTech offers other services and print products to all of its Editors, Authors, and third parties who are interested in participating in or buying InTech's publications.

Order Print Copies

All our books are published online under the open access model and are accessible for free on our reading platform. Books are also printed for contributing Editors and Authors. If you would like to order print copies, you can do so by contacting our Print Sales Department.

The same applies to offprints - individual book chapters and journal articles.


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Language Editing Services

In the course of the publishing process, chapters are submitted to English language polishing and copyediting - correction of grammatical, spelling, and other common errors. However, authors for whom English is not their native language may wish to have their manuscript professionally edited before submission. This may help ensure that the content of the manuscript is communicated clearly to both reviewers and readers. Check out our partner SPi Global’s editing services, pricing, and turn-around times, to obtain a free quotation or submit a manuscript for language polishing.

We invite you to learn more about our Publishing Standards Insurance and Editorial Policies.