Publish with InTech

InTech has pioneered Open Access book publishing and subsequently became one of the largest book publishers in the Open Access world. With more than 2,400 books and 6 journals published and with 31 million book chapters and journal articles downloads up to date, InTech ensures that your research gets the visibility you deserve.

We’ve harnessed technology to accelerate the publishing process so that we can concentrate on helping authors disseminating their work to international scientific communities, without compromising the scientific quality of the publication.

Based on your preferences and stage of your scientific projects you have multiple options for publishing your scientific research with InTech.


  • 6 scientific journals
  • Strong Editorial Boards
  • Peer-reviewed
  • 4 to 12 pages long articles
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Edited volumes

  • Publishing by invitation
  • Comprehensive analysis
  • Editorial review process
  • 22+ pages long chapters
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Publish Your Book

  • Professional publishing services to researchers and research groups
  • Single and Multiple Author Monographs
  • Edited Books
  • Conference Proceedings
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