InTech Books

Each InTech book is a self-contained collection of scholarly papers targeting an audience of practicing researchers, academics, PhD students and other scientists.

The contents of our books are usually written by multiple authors whose contributions are edited by senior members of the scientific community who have profound expertise in the specific topics and objectives of the book.

InTech books are published as ebooks. Not only are InTech ebooks fully searchable and downloadable online but a corresponding author publishing a chapter gets a quality hard cover copy of the book courier-delivered immediately after printing. This is one the services that sets InTech apart in the Open Access publishing world.

Our process is designed to be faster than that of a traditional publisher, without compromise to the rigor and quality of the editorial (review) process.

We’ve harnessed technology to accelerate the publishing process so that we can concentrate on helping authors disseminating their work to international scientific communities.

If you want to publish with InTech the first step is to register with us. This will give you immediate access to the online Manuscript Tracking System. Within the System, you will find all the information you need about formatting your paper and submitting it for editorial consideration on the Author Panel.

We work with you through six keys steps before, during and after publication.

Step 1: prepare your chapter

Register – Upon registration you are required to provide some basic profile information about you and your institution. Please note that for the time being only authors who have been invited to participate in a book project can register. Upload a brief summary of your chapter proposal describing the central ideas, key points and research results behind your submission, including images and/or tables as necessary. The Editorial Board (Subject Editors)* and Book Editor** will evaluate your paper. Proposals that meet strict scientific requirements and those that only need minor corrections will be provisionally accepted for publication. Definite acceptance is based on the outcome of a full chapter review.

Step 2: submit your chapter

Submit your chapter following the Instructions for Authors.

Step 3: editorial review

Your submitted chapter will be reviewed by the Book Editor who makes a final quality check. Acceptance or rejection of the chapter will be confirmed by email together with the review commentary.

Step 4: Article Processing Charge payment

Once the chapter has passed the review process and is accepted as pert of the book, an Article Processing Charge (APC) becomes payable. This covers the costs associated with publication and promotion and is payable by the author, their institution or funder.

Step 5: production and publication

Technical editors will prepare the manuscript for publication. Authors will be asked to check proofs and give final approval prior to publication. Once the technical editing of all chapters is complete, the book will go to press and will be made available online. Each chapter author will receive a complimentary copy of the print publication, which is designed and manufactured to a high standard.

Step 6: dissemination

Once published, the whole book or individual chapters will be made available through our website’s reading platform, indexed in the world’s top databases, and the author(s) and their work will be promoted by InTech.

*Subject Editors are members of InTech’s Editorial (Scientific) Board. Because of their expertise in a specific area of research, they are responsible for screening chapter proposals and sorting these by scope and subject, and filtering out non-topical proposals.

**Book Editors review the chapter proposals and select manuscripts with a high degree of relevance and a bearing on developments in the field. Book Editors have the overall responsibility for the content of the publication, and they pay particular attention to originality, research methods, key results, and language, accepting only chapter proposals and manuscripts that meet all scientific requirements.