Promoting Your Work

You want your work to be read. You want the value of your contribution to your field to be recognised.


In a world where our body of knowledge is constantly being added to, it’s not enough just to make your work available. Your peers, other researchers and society at large need to know that it’s available.


That’s why at InTech we have a team dedicated to promoting the work our authors publish with us.


As well as using traditional channels to promote your work – attending conferences, targeted promotion to institutions and individuals, and placing your work in all the relevant bibliographic databases and indexes – our team harnesses the opportunities provided by new media to gain added attention.


Social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter, blogs, videos and regular press releases to relevant news services are among the tools we use to create the highest possible visibility for our authors. We also provide support for authors to make maximum use of their own networks and personal contacts, with advice on using Linkedin, cross-linking between your personal blog, the InTech website, your institution’s repository and other essential points of access, and guiding you towards useful collaboration and promotional tools.


Authors who want personalised promotional support from us can contact to discuss their needs.


And we do this globally. Working with you to ensure your work reaches the right people in the international world of science, and achieves the recognition it deserves.