Our Projects

Throughout the years, InTechOpen has worked on a series of special projects to compliment our publications.

Here is a list of a selection of past, current and future projects:

Open Access Week

To celebrate Open Access Week 2016, a word association survey was launched to get our international collaborators to tell us what they think about Open Access. In addition to getting to know what Open Access means to our collaborators, we wanted to provide a scientific background to our celebration. Since word associations are deeply ingrained in the study of mental lexicons, we have prepared, together with Gert Storms (University of Leuven, Belgium) and Simon De Deyne (University of Adelaide, Australia), a short overview of their study of this very phenomenon. Celebrate Open Access with us!

Rising Star

The Rising Star project is aimed at supporting and promoting the work of young researchers. The project will, first and foremost, encourage and help students publish their research papers, an activity which is at the core of one's scientific career, raise the awareness of the importance of PhD studies, and strengthen the recognition of young, rising stars in robotics through open access. Learn More

Robotics Videos

InTechOpen Robotics Videos includes video interviews and lectures showcasing the latest research and application novelties within the field of robotics, as well as personal overviews on the state of robotics by some of the most active robotics professionals worldwide.

Women in Robotics

The Women in Robotics project was born out of efforts to not only acknowledge our female collaborators but also highlight and promote the work that has been done by women in the field of robotics. A number of internationally renowned female roboticists acted as the project’s ambassadors, and were members of the judging panel that selected the best papers. Learn More

Highlights in Robotics

With the aim to provide roboticists with additional, freely available content that serves the purpose of zooming in on the latest research trends and perspective roboticists on the rise, we decided to start Highlights in Robotics. Learn More

InTechOpen Books Highlights: overview of the last 10 years

InTechOpen Books Highlights is a project that was launched in celebration of the 10th anniversary of the first published book marked in 2015. To celebrate this milestone, we decided to pay homage to all of our collaborators who have been key to our success with a set of newsletters that highlight our pasts accomplishments, our authors and editors, their careers and our most successful projects. Learn More

Regional Research Spotlight Series

Our Regional Research Spotlight Series is an overview of activities that were initiated in selected countries. To date we have highlighted the Middle East, Mexico, Japan, India and China. The goal of these reports, is to bring attention to our books, new collaborations, promote local research on a global level and engage the regional scientific communities. Learn More


The InTeract2012 event consisted of a series of free workshops held at the University of Rijeka, Croatia to provide an overview of the latest developments and applications in the robotics research area of HRI. InTeract featured panel presentations from renowned professors Hiroshi Ishiguro, Andrea Bonarini and Pericle Salvini, who discussed the best of HRI currently being developed in their laboratories. Read more about the event here, or watch our video.


InTechOpen offers the opportunity to PhD students who are affiliated with the editor of an active or future publication to take part in the development of book projects or conference proceedings. If you are looking to apply your theoretical expertise in practice, either during or after your studies, then we would like to extend you a warm welcome to InTechOpen. Learn More

Book Donations

In the past years, InTechOpen has made multiple book donations of its STM titles. Among upcoming projects pertaining to corporate responsibility and aimed at partnering with institutions, organizations and companies that can help us spread knowledge and valuable research for free, we highlight some of our collaborations. For more information on book donations, click here.