Dr. Abbass A. Hashim

Sheffield Hallam University, United Kingdom

Currently I am carrying out research in several areas of interest, mainly covering work on chemical and bio-sensors, semiconductor thin film device fabrication and characterisation. At the moment I have very strong interest in radiation environmental pollution and bacteriology treatment. The teams of researchers are working very hard to bring novel results in this field. I am also a member of the team in charge for the supervision of Ph.D. students in the fields of development of silicon based planar waveguide sensor devices, study of inelastic electron tunnelling in planar tunnelling nanostructures for sensing applications and development of organotellurium(IV) compounds for semiconductor applications. I am a specialist in data analysis techniques and nanosurface structure. I have served as the editor for many books, been a member of the editorial board in science journals, have published many papers and hold many patents.

Edited Books

  • The Delivery of Nanoparticles

    Nanoparticle is a general challenge for today's technology and the near future observations of science. Nanoparticles cover mostly all types of sciences and manufacturing technologies. The properties of this particle are flying over today scientific barriers and have passed the limitations of conventional sciences. This is the reason why nanoparticles have been evaluated for the use in many fields. InTech publisher and the contributing authors of this book in nanoparticles are all overconfident to invite all scientists to read this new book. The book's potential was held until it was approached by the art of exploring the most advanced research in the field of nano-scale particles, preparation techniques and the way of reaching their destination. 25 reputable chapters were framed in this book and there were alienated into four altered sections; Toxic Nanoparticles, Drug Nanoparticles, Biological Activities and Nano-Technology.

  • Smart Nanoparticles Technology

    In the last few years, Nanoparticles and their applications dramatically diverted science in the direction of brand new philosophy. The properties of many conventional materials changed when formed from nanoparticles. Nanoparticles have a greater surface area per weight than larger particles which causes them to be more reactive and effective than other molecules. In this book, we (InTech publisher, editor and authors) have invested a lot of effort to include 25 most advanced technology chapters. The book is organised into three well-heeled parts. We would like to invite all Nanotechnology scientists to read and share the knowledge and contents of this book.

  • Advances in Nanocomposite Technology

    The book "Advances in Nanocomposite Technology" contains 16 chapters divided in three sections. Section one, "Electronic Applications", deals with the preparation and characterization of nanocomposite materials for electronic applications and studies. In section two, "Material Nanocomposites", the advanced research of polymer nanocomposite material and polymer-clay, ceramic, silicate glass-based nanocomposite and the functionality of graphene nanocomposites is presented. The Human and Bioapplications section is describing how nanostructures are synthesized and draw attention on wide variety of nanostructures available for biological research and treatment applications. We believe that this book offers broad examples of existing developments in nanocomposite technology research and an excellent introduction to nanoelectronics, nanomaterial applications and bionanocomposites.

  • Nanowires - Fundamental Research

    Understanding and building up the foundation of nanowire concept is a high requirement and a bridge to new technologies. Any attempt in such direction is considered as one step forward in the challenge of advanced nanotechnology. In the last few years, InTech scientific publisher has been taking the initiative of helping worldwide scientists to share and improve the methods and the nanowire technology. This book is one of InTech's attempts to contribute to the promotion of this technology.

  • Nanowires - Implementations and Applications

    This potentially unique work offers various approaches on the implementation of nanowires. As it is widely known, nanotechnology presents the control of matter at the nanoscale and nanodimensions within few nanometers, whereas this exclusive phenomenon enables us to determine novel applications. This book presents an overview of recent and current nanowire application and implementation research worldwide. We examine methods of nanowire synthesis, types of materials used, and applications associated with nanowire research. Wide surveys of global activities in nanowire research are presented, as well.