Prof. Karam Maalawi

National Research Center, Egypt

Karam Y. Maalawi is professor of aeronautics and mechanics at the National Research Centre in Cairo, Egypt. He was educated at the Faculty of Engineering, Aerospace Engineering Department, Cairo University. He has been active in research in structural and solid mechanics at the Department of Mechanical Engineering, National Research Center, and has involved in numerous research projects related to wind energy applications. His primary research interest is in computer based analysis and design of metal and composite structures. A talented educator, Dr. Maalawi has been recognized for his contributions in training programs conducted by the National Research Centre in the fields of composite materials, optimum design and wind energy technology development, as well as in teaching fundamentals of wind turbine design techniques at the Arab Organization for Industrialization. In 2005, he received the NRC award in engineering sciences and technology. In 2006, he was a visitor at the Department of Engineering Science and Mechanics, Virginia Tech, doing research work in the field of aeroelastic optimization of aircraft wings. Dr. Maalawi has published extensively in the field of structural optimization and wind turbine design and performance. His current research is concerned with the optimal design of functionally graded material beams, aircraft wings and wind turbine blades. At present, he is the principal investigator of a research project concerning the design and manufacture of composite wind turbine blades and supporting tower structures. Dr. Maalawi is also collobrationg in other research projects related to mechanical design, showing conscientious and great pleasure in doing his work.