Dr. Doaa Hashad

Dr. Doaa Hashad is an associate professor in the Clinical Pathology Department, Alexandria Faculty of Medicine, Alexandria, Egypt. She obtained her masters in clinical pathology in 2001 and her MD in clinical pathology from the University of Alexandria in 2007. Dr. Doaa Hashad has many publications to her credit in international, peer-reviewed journals concerning the use of variable molecular techniques in the management of different diseases.

Fields of Research

Edited Books

  • Gene Therapy - Principles and Challenges

    Gene therapy is becoming a promising technology for the management of many human diseases. Hereditary and acquired disorders can both be tackled using the technique of gene therapy. This book provides detailed, up-to-date topics addressing basic principles of gene therapy and discussing some of the challenges encountered by scientists in developing this relatively novel technology. The development of new and efficient gene transfer vectors is of utmost importance in the progress of the field of gene therapy. Both viral and non-viral vectors are extensively discussed. A detailed chapter elaborates the problem of host immune rejection of transplanted donor cells or engineered tissue that can be avoided using the encapsulation of transgenic cells, thus avoiding the use of drugs that achieve immunosuppression.

  • Cancer Management

    Cancer remains a major clinical challenge as a cause of death due to its frequent poor prognosis and limited treatment options in many cases. Cancer management book addresses various cancer management related topics including new approaches for early cancer detection and novel anti-cancer therapeutic strategies. This book is a collection of studies and reviews written by experts from different parts of the world to present the most up-to-date knowledge on cancer management.