Dr. Purna Nayak

National Institute of Hydrology


  • 1998 - current

    National Institute of Hydrology


  • 2004 – 2008

    Prof K P Sudheer, Indian Institute of Technology, Madras, Chennai

    Civil Engineering

Edited Books

  • Water Resources Management and Modeling

    Hydrology is the science that deals with the processes governing the depletion and replenishment of water resources of the earth's land areas. The purpose of this book is to put together recent developments on hydrology and water resources engineering. First section covers surface water modeling and second section deals with groundwater modeling. The aim of this book is to focus attention on the management of surface water and groundwater resources. Meeting the challenges and the impact of climate change on water resources is also discussed in the book. Most chapters give insights into the interpretation of field information, development of models, the use of computational models based on analytical and numerical techniques, assessment of model performance and the use of these models for predictive purposes. It is written for the practicing professionals and students, mathematical modelers, hydrogeologists and water resources specialists.