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" It has been a pleasure from day one to have had such a wonderful publishing company to publish the book Pharmacology and Nutritional Intervention in the Treatment of Disease. I enjoyed working with you and InTech and I am thankful to you all. Everything has been smooth. That's the best way to describe my experiences during this entire process. It has been totally professional, as well as friendly, and great. You have an excellent business and a solid model for success and look forward for more cooperation in the future. "
Dr. Faik Atroshi
University of Helsinki, Finland

" It was my pleasure to join the book project. High qualified PublishingProcess Manager, editor and authors are background for valuable creationof advanced publications. InTech is a good opportunity to publish andwidely disseminate recent research data for open science community. I look forward for future cooperation "
Dr. Vytautas Pilipavicius

" The online version is better than my expectation. Look forward to working with InTech again "
Dr. Hao Jiang
National University of Singapore, Singapore

" I wish to congratulate you and your team for excellent work and sincere effort to publish the book on Down syndrome.I have already read the book which is outstanding and will be appreciated by both scientific and academic communities. I am very happy to associate with your excellent team and wish to work in future. As an editor, I should appreciate to receive a complimentary hard copy of the book, as I had received my earlier edited books on Down syndrome from Intech. "
Dr. Subrata Dey
West Bengal University of Technology, India

" Thank you for informing me of the publication of the chapter. On behalf of the other authors, it was a pleasure working with you. I look forward to working with you on other projects in the near future. "
Donovan McGrowder
University of the West Indies, Mona, Jamaica

" I wish to most respectfully thank you and INTECH for given us the opportunity to contribute to this extra-ordinary edition of your publications, especially for being part of the history of this book on climate change. We feel really honored being one of your authors. We wish INTECH all the best in all your future endeavors and look forward for further cooperation with INTECH. "
Dr. Juddy Okpara
Department of Geography & Environmental Sustainability, University of Oklahoma, United States of America

" I would like to inform you that three copies of "Responses of Organisms to Water Stress" has arrived this morning to my office safely posted by INTECH. I am so happy and feeling great pleasurehaving that "perfect work" at the end of hard times after the all steps of publishing process. I want to repeat to send all my appreciations and express my cordial thanks to you and all members of "INTECH" team. Hope to make for further collaboration with great happiness and pleasure. "
Dr. Sener Akinci
Marmara University, Turkey

" This is the greatest moment of our joint project that I have waited for such a long time of tremendous working over ten months. In this respect, together with my enjoy to see an accomplished target I would like to send you through this virtual mean all my thankful feelings for your own contribution as well as all your colleagues to the professional publishing of this wonderful book! I am really grateful to you and all InTech staff members to reach together this great achievement! "
B.Sc. Marian Petre
University of Pitesti, Romania

" It has been a real pleasure doing this work with you who are so efficient. Wishing success for the book. My congralutations to you. "
Dr. Guy Huynh Thien Duc
Institut National de la Santé et de la Recherche Médicale, France

" I do not know how I can appreciate the unique opportunity that In Tech dedicated to me for being the editor of the amazing book "Aflatoxins -Recent Advances and Future Prospects". Without your effective and truly management, it was not possible to prepare such interesting well-designed book on aflatoxins. I would like to use this opportunity to sincere gratitude you, the In Tech Open Access Publisher, and all your colleagues who involved in preparing the book and wish you a prosperous year 2013 full of success, healthy and pleasant moments. I hope I find the opportunity to honorably work with In Tech again in future. "
Dr. Mehdi Razzaghi-Abyaneh
Pasteur Institute of Iran, Iran

" Glad to hear that the InTech has got this great achievements this year. I greatly appreciated your invitation to write a Chapter for one of issued this year Books. Proud that I also took part in the process! I'm always open for further collaboration! "
Prof. Andrei Solovjov
B.Verkin Institute for Low Temperature Physics&Engineering, Ukraine

" It was wonderful and great time bound experience, when project was withdrawn from other editor and assigned to me as an editor of the book: Climate Change - Realities, Impacts Over Ice Cap, Sea Level and Risks, ISBN 978-953-51-0934-1; in the mid of Oct' 2012. Though the time allotted was less as project was already delayed for more than six months time, but I found nice cooperation and quick responses from Publishing Process Manager, Ms Iva Lipovic during the process. On account her sincere efforts, this project has been given shape in short span of time by the undersigned.I also found the Team of Intech is very good, hard working and cooperative during the process of project.I would like to thank you again and congratulate to your entire team for the hard work put in. I expect similar nice relation in future endeavor. "
Ph.D. Bharat Raj Singh
School of Management Sciences, Technical Campus, Lucknow, India

" Thanks so much for your information. It is exciting to know that finally the book has been released on line and I am happy to be associated with all the good work the team is doing. I look forward to a fruitful working collaboration in the future. Please let me know when the hard copy of the book is mailed to my address. I have also taken note of the advice given and I am sure many fruitful outcomes are expected from this publication. Thank you once again for all the assistance provided and I look forward to getting in touch with you again. "
Dr. Anthony Duah
University of the Western Cape, Ghana

" Thank you very much for this nice information. I congratulateProf.John Ballato, your InTech colleagues and you with the onlineedition of our book and hope to collaborate with all of you in thefuture. "
M.Sc. Sergei Pyshkin
Academy of Sciences, Moldova

" Thank you for letting me know. I am happy to see the corrected version online. I have checked the online surface of the chapters, all chapters look really nice and it is really easy to see the references. I think it is much better than Elsevier, for example. I am glad we published with the InTech. "
Dr. Gabor Kereszturi
Massey University, New Zealand

" The performance achieved by INTECH team is really impressing. That’s great for the learning world; this large scale dissemination of original research results and knowledge free of charge is an invaluable contribution to speeding the development of the mankind, right to the poorest people . Best Wishes to the entire InTech Team. "
Dr. Vincent Ngako

" I am very happy and so proud when receive your email, and known that our book chapter '' principle of meat aroma flavors and future prospects'' has been published online. We appreciate your efforts and deeply thank you and your partners for the kind helps and attempts. I hope that we will continue to co-operate in near futures. "
Dr. Hoa Van Ba
Korea, South

" Thanks much. It has always been a pleasure working with you. I look forward to the final printing of the book! Best wishes, and have a very Merry Christmas! "
Dr. Gerald Ghidiu
Rutgers - the State University of New Jersey, United States of America

" Thank you for your help and work hard. I am so proud to be your author,too. Thank you very much. "
Dr. Suchada Sitjongsataporn
Mahanakorn University of Technology, Thailand

" I am sincerely glad that that the monograph and another production of the InTech is so much popular in the scientific world. "
Dr. Alexander Grankov
Institute of Radioengineering and Electronics RAS, Russia

" Thank you for your mail. It is really great to hear that our book is released to online! I have visited the link you sent, surprised to see that some chapters have been downloaded already. More than happy to see our hard work has been appreciated by the readers and hopefully our knowledge will contribute to the public. "
M.Sc. Xiaoxiao Qian
University of Bristol, United Kingdom

" At first congratulations due to the fact the aim has been reached before the time planned. Thank you for the invitation and excellent cooperation as well as for the whole editorial effort. "
Prof. Przemyslaw Sanecki
Technical University of Rzeszow, Poland

" I'm really happy to see our collaboration work done in such a prompt and elegant way. It was my pleasure to work with you and other people from InTech during the past months and I'm proud that we delivered this important book. I will do my best to promote the book in academic circles through oral and electronic communication. I'm looking forward very much to see the hard copy of the book and I'm also very interested to continue our collaboration in the future days. "
Dr. Sergej Ostojic
Center for Health, Exercise and Sport Sciences, Serbia

" I thank InTech for inviting me to participate in this worthwhile project and for the editing efforts of their staff for my paper. "
Dr. Theopoline Itenge

" I am really very proud of our book. Had received the book and hope to continue collaborate with you and print a new manuscript. "
Dr. Olga Khachay
Institute of Geophysics UB RAS, Russia

" Thank you for your kind information. I am very happy to know the publication of the book and sure be proud of that. I will inform our library to know that and ask them to add it into our book list. Also I will send the link to my colleagues who works on this topic and use some of the chapter content for my teaching. Thanks for all the people who contributed to the publication of the book. "
Dr. Wenbin Cao
University of Science and Technology Beijing, China

" I am glad to hear that our book has been published online. I would like to thank for the efforts of publication team to publish a high quality book. I am looking forward to working together with your publisher again in future. "
Dr. Keitaro Sou
Waseda University, Japan

" Thank you very much for the good news. The book and our chapter look very nice. I will share the link on linkedin and other websites. Thank you very much for giving us the opportunity to present our work with InTech and please inform us of future publications. "
Dr. Pauline Mollema
University of Bologna, Italy

" It has been a pleasure to work with all of you in Intech. Amazing professionalism and speed in the process! I will do my best to promote our publication, and will keep promoting InTech. "
Dr. Gonzalo Garcia
Tecnalia, Spain

" I have received the hard copy, it looks great, i appreciate its high quality. Congratulations for the professional team, thanks for the continued help and support. I am looking forward for the next collaboration with InTech. Best regards! "
Ms. Adela Ionescu
University of Craiova, Romania