China Educational Publications Import & Export Co and InTech sign the Printing Cooperation Agreement

July, 2015


In order to ensure our Chinese readership the most efficient delivery of our high quality printed publications, we signed a Print-On-Demand - Printing Cooperation Agreement with China Educational Publications Import & Export Co, Ltd. (CEPIEC).

CEPIEC is one of the five core members of the China Education Publishing & Media Group, the largest state-owned company of its type in China. InTech has first started to collaborate with CEPIEC as its distributor for the Chinese market three years ago. This partnership has been consolidated in June 2015 by both parties signing the POD Printing Cooperation Agreement.

These POD services, sponsored by the Chinese government and CEPIEC, will provide Print-On-Demand (POD) printing of InTech books through the first facility of its kind in China. CEPIEC’s POD is powered by the world’s latest data processing, digital printing, and internet technologies. It is ideal to produce medium, short, and ultra-short print runs, as well as single copies of imported books and journals, Chinese publications, and personalized printing demands.

InTech's clients will be able to purchase the highest quality POD books printed with government approval right in Beijing for delivery throughout the country and region. Printing of InTech books at this first Government Sponsored POD Facility in Beijing will reduce shipping costs and time to market for our books.