InTech and Open Access

InTech is committed to Open Access as a way of publishing scholarly work that is freely available online and serves the needs and ambitions of researchers, institutions and general society. InTech activities contributing to the growth of Open Access:

2004 - The first Open Access, peer reviewed robotics journal was launched:

Our flagship publication – the International Journal of Advanced Robotic Systems was launched in Vienna as the first ever open access journal in the field.

2008 - DOAJ:

In 2008 our International Journal of Advanced Robotic Systems was listed in the Directory of open access Journals (DOAJ). In the following years other journals were also indexed.

2010 - OAI-PMH:

In October 2010, InTech implemented the OAI-PMH protocol in order to broaden the number of users of our publications. As a result, all materials are more widely accessible, with increased benefits for scholars, researchers, students, libraries, universities and other academic institutions.

2011 - Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported:

As of 2011, all published manuscripts switched from CC NC license to the Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported License. Our Copyright Policy aims to guarantee that original material is published while at the same time giving significant freedom to our authors. InTech upholds a very flexible copyright policy, which means that there is no copyright transfer to the publisher and authors hold exclusive copyright to their work.

2011 - InTech and TBI published the survey: Author Attitudes Towards Open Access Publishing:

A market research programme was developed by TBI on behalf of InTech. This provides a better understanding of the needs of researchers and the evolving context within which they carry out research, publish and exchange information. Views on open access and on InTech as a service provider were also sought.

2011 - SHOW (Share Open Access Worldwide):

In celebration of the 2011 open access Week, InTech organized a set of lectures, debates, round tables, movies, music events. These all revolved around the subjects of open access publishing, open source, intellectual property, new ways of licensing all online content, remixed and shared culture and free knowledge.

2011 – SAHRE Conference:

InTech participates at the Share Conference in Belgrade, Serbia to hold a short presentation on open access

2012 – OA survey published – The Evolving Role of the Librarian:

InTech published the results of a survey that appraised the attitudes and awareness of the library community towards the open access business model in scholarly publishing.

2012 - Interact2012:

InTech organized a free-attendance series of workshops that took place on 3rd September, 2012 in Rijeka, Croatia. World renowned Professor Hiroshi Ishiguro (University of Osaka) took Interact's main stage, giving the audience the best of HRI, currently developed in his laboratories.

2013 - COPE:

InTech became an official member of the Committee on Publication Ethics (COPE) maintaining the highest ethical standards for all of the parties involved in the act of publishing.

2014 - Open Access video platform lauched:

In celebration of the International Journal of Advanced Robotic Systems 10th anniversary, a new video channel was introduced. It regularly features interviews and lectures that showcase the latest research and application novelties within the field of robotics, as well as personal overviews on the state of robotics by the most prominent robotic researchers.

2015 - Portico:

InTech's journal content is now deposited in Portico's dark archive. Unrestricted public access to the content that is archived by Portico is enabled if the publisher fails to provide access to the articles on its website for a prolonged period of time.

InTech's books will be deposited in the Croatian Web Archive, which is maintained by the National and University Library in Zagreb.

Our vision is to meet the challenges of making important knowledge available to the worldwide community while maintaining the highest standards in our dealings with authors and institutions.