How is InTech Different?

Without research and scientific findings being shared, knowledge cannot be advanced. Without authors to document that research and interpret those findings there is nothing to publish.


That's why at InTech authors are at the heart of our process and the dissemination of their work our single most important focus.


We've designed our publishing process around authors to achieve three key objectives: high quality, high speed, and high visibility. And it's the high regard we have for our authors that makes us different. Here are just some of the ways:


Personal Approach

A Publishing Process Manager will assist and guide you through the publishing process, from preparation of your manuscript, through the publishing process and beyond.


High quality publications

Authors who publish with us feature some of the most significant names in their fields. Our review practices and publishing processes demand and meet the highest standards to ensure that this calibre of work receives the attention and support it deserves.


Your interests as an author protected and supported

You retain copyright in all you publish with InTech, and keep the right to (re)use the published material. Readers using your publications may cite them provided you are acknowledged as the author.


Your work is made freely available for access and download, which can have a positive effect on your citation rate and increases the impact of your work within your discipline.


Promoted for high visibility

Your work will be indexed in the most significant databases, made available through institutional repositories and library websites, and optimised for search engine discovery. Additionally, the InTech team will work to promote you and your work through other online channels, and advise you on making the most of your personal contacts and opportunities.