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  • Mobile Robotics, Moving Intelligence
    Mobile Robotics, Moving Intelligence
    Edited by Jonas Buchli
    ISBN 3-86611-284-X,
    586 pages, December, 2006
    This book covers many aspects of the exciting research in mobile robotics. It deals with different aspects of the control problem, especially also under uncertainty and faults. Mechanical design issues are discussed along with new sensor and actuator ...
  • Mobile Robots: towards New Applications
    Mobile Robots: towards New Applications
    Edited by Aleksandar Lazinica
    ISBN 978-3-86611-314-5,
    600 pages, December, 2006
    The range of potential applications for mobile robots is enormous. It includes agricultural robotics applications, routine material transport in factories, warehouses, office buildings and hospitals, indoor and outdoor security patrols, inventory ver ...
  • Manufacturing the Future
    Manufacturing the Future
    Edited by V. Kordic, A. Lazinica and M. Merdan
    ISBN 3-86611-198-3,
    908 pages, July, 2006
    The primary goal of this book is to cover the state-of-the-art development and future directions in modern manufacturing systems. This interdisciplinary and comprehensive volume, consisting of 30 chapters, covers a survey of trends in distributed man ...
  • Cutting Edge Robotics
    Cutting Edge Robotics
    Edited by Vedran Kordic, Aleksandar Lazinica and Munir Merdan
    ISBN 3-86611-038-3,
    784 pages, July, 2005
    This book is the result of inspirations and contributions from many researchers worldwide. It presents a collection of wide range research results of robotics scientific community. Various aspects of current research in robotics area are explored and ...