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  • Air Pollution - New Developments
    Air Pollution - New Developments
    Edited by Anca Maria Moldoveanu
    ISBN 978-953-307-527-3,
    334 pages, September, 2011
    Today, an important issue is environmental pollution, especially air pollution. Due to pollutants present in air, human health as well as animal health and vegetation may suffer. The book can be divided in two parts. The first half presents how the e ...
  • RNA Processing
    RNA Processing
    Edited by Paula Grabowski
    ISBN 978-953-307-557-0,
    258 pages, August, 2011
    RNA functions broadly as informational molecule, genome, enzyme and machinery for RNA processing. While these functions reflect ancient activities, they also remain vital components of contemporary biochemical pathways. In eukaryotic cells RNA proces ...
  • Abiotic Stress Response in Plants - Physiological, Biochemical and Genetic Perspectives
    Abiotic Stress Response in Plants - Physiological, Biochemical and Genetic Perspectives badge
    Edited by Arun Shanker and B. Venkateswarlu
    ISBN 978-953-307-672-0,
    358 pages, August, 2011
    Plants, unlike animals, are sessile. This demands that adverse changes in their environment are quickly recognized, distinguished and responded to with suitable reactions. Drought, heat, cold and salinity are among the major abiotic stresses that ad ...
  • Economic Effects of Biofuel Production
    Economic Effects of Biofuel Production badge
    Edited by Marco Aur�lio dos Santos Bernardes
    ISBN 978-953-307-178-7,
    462 pages, August, 2011
    This book aspires to be a comprehensive summary of current biofuels issues and thereby contribute to the understanding of this important topic. Readers will find themes including biofuels development efforts, their implications for the food industry, ...
  • Advanced Air Pollution
    Advanced Air Pollution
    Edited by Farhad Nejadkoorki
    ISBN 978-953-307-511-2,
    594 pages, August, 2011
    Leading air quality professionals describe different aspects of air pollution. The book presents information on four broad areas of interest in the air pollution field; the air pollution monitoring; air quality modeling; the GIS techniques to manage ...
  • Alternative Fuel
    Alternative Fuel
    Edited by Maximino Manzanera
    ISBN 978-953-307-372-9,
    358 pages, August, 2011
    Renewable energy sources such as biodiesel, bioethanol, biomethane, biomass from wastes or hydrogen are subject of great interest in the current energy scene. These fuels contribute to the reduction of prices and dependence on fossil fuels. In additi ...
  • DNA Replication-Current Advances
    DNA Replication-Current Advances badge
    Edited by Herve Seligmann
    ISBN 978-953-307-593-8,
    708 pages, August, 2011
    The study of DNA advanced human knowledge in a way comparable to the major theories in physics, surpassed only by discoveries such as fire or the number zero. However, it also created conceptual shortcuts, beliefs and misunderstandings that obscure t ...
  • Chemistry, Emission Control, Radioactive Pollution and Indoor Air Quality
    Chemistry, Emission Control, Radioactive Pollution and Indoor Air Quality
    Edited by Nicolas Mazzeo
    ISBN 978-953-307-316-3,
    692 pages, July, 2011
    The atmosphere may be our most precious resource. Accordingly, the balance between its use and protection is a high priority for our civilization. While many of us would consider air pollution to be an issue that the modern world has resolved to a gr ...