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  • Radar Technology
    Radar Technology
    Edited by Guy Kouemou
    ISBN 978-953-307-029-2,
    430 pages, January, 2010
    In this book “Radar Technology”, the chapters are divided into four main topic areas: Topic area 1: “Radar Systems” consists of chapters which treat whole radar systems, environment and target functional chain. Topic area 2: “Radar ...
  • Aerospace Technologies Advancements
    Aerospace Technologies Advancements badge
    Edited by Thawar T. Arif
    ISBN 978-953-7619-96-1,
    514 pages, January, 2010
    Space technology has become increasingly important after the great development and rapid progress in information and communication technology as well as the technology of space exploration. This book deals with the latest and most prominent research ...
  • Intelligent and Biosensors
    Intelligent and Biosensors badge
    Edited by Vernon S. Somerset
    ISBN 978-953-7619-58-9,
    386 pages, January, 2010
    The use of intelligent sensors have revolutionized the way in which we gather data from the world around us, how we extract useful information from that data, and the manner in which we use the newly obtained information for various operations and de ...
  • Solid State Circuits Technologies
    Solid State Circuits Technologies
    Edited by Jacobus W. Swart
    ISBN 978-953-307-045-2,
    462 pages, January, 2010
    The evolution of solid-state circuit technology has a long history within a relatively short period of time. This technology has lead to the modern information society that connects us and tools, a large market, and many types of products and applic ...
  • Wave Propagation in Materials for Modern Applications
    Wave Propagation in Materials for Modern Applications
    Edited by Andrey Petrin
    ISBN 978-953-7619-65-7,
    552 pages, January, 2010
    In the recent decades, there has been a growing interest in micro- and nanotechnology. The advances in nanotechnology give rise to new applications and new types of materials with unique electromagnetic and mechanical properties. This book is devote ...
  • WIMAX New Developments
    WIMAX New Developments
    Edited by Upena D Dalal and Y P Kosta
    ISBN 978-953-7619-53-4,
    442 pages, December, 2009
    WiMAX (Worldwide Interoperability for Microwave Access) is a wireless broadband access network named by industry group called the WiMAX forum formed in June 2001. It is Wireless MAN with IEEE 802.16 family standards. Loosely, WiMAX is a standardized ...
  • Renewable Energy
    Renewable Energy
    Edited by T J Hammons
    ISBN 978-953-7619-52-7,
    588 pages, December, 2009
    Renewable Energy is energy generated from natural resources - such as sunlight, wind, rain, tides and geothermal heat - which are naturally replenished. In 2008, about 18% of global final energy consumption came from renewables, with 13% com ...
  • Optical Fiber New Developments
    Optical Fiber New Developments
    Edited by Christophe Lethien
    ISBN 978-953-7619-50-3,
    586 pages, December, 2009
    The optical fibre technology is one of the hop topics developed in the beginning of the 21th century and could substantially benefit applications dealing with lighting, sensing and communication systems. Many improvements have been made in the past ...