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Smart Home Systems

Edited by Mahmoud A. Al-Qutayri, ISBN 978-953-307-050-6, 194 pages, Publisher: InTech, Chapters published February 01, 2010 under CC BY-NC-SA 3.0 license
Edited Volume

Smart homes are intelligent environments that interact dynamically and respond readily in an adaptive manner to the needs of the occupants and changes in the ambient conditions.  The realization of systems that support the smart homes concept requires integration of technologies from different fields.  Among the challenges that the designers face is to make all the components of the system interact in a seamless, reliable and secure manner. Another major challenge is to design the smart home in a way that takes into account the way humans live and interact.  This later aspect requires input from the humanities and social sciences fields.  The need for input from diverse fields of knowledge reflects the multidisciplinary nature of the research and development effort required to realize smart homes that are acceptable to the general public. The applications that can be supported by a smart home are very wide and their degree of sophistication depends on the underlying technology used.  Some of the application areas include monitoring and control of appliances, security, telemedicine, entertainment, location based services, care for children and the elderly… etc. This book consists of eleven chapters that cover various aspects of smart home systems.