Medicine » Mental and Behavioural Disorders and Diseases of the Nervous System


Edited by L. Miguel Martins and Samantha H.Y. Loh, ISBN 978-953-51-0502-2, 374 pages, Publisher: InTech, Chapters published April 11, 2012 under CC BY 3.0 license
DOI: 10.5772/1900
Edited Volume

Currently, the human population is on a collision course for a social and economic burden. As a consequence of changing demographics and an increase in human individuals over the age of 60, age-related neurodegenerative disorders are likely to become more prevalent. It is therefore essential to increase our understanding of such neurodegenerative disorders in order to be more pro-active in managing these diseases processes. The focus of this book is to provide a snapshot of recent advancements in the understanding of basic biological processes that modulate the onset and progression of neurodegenerative processes. This is tackled at the molecular, cellular and whole organism level. We hope that some of the recent discoveries outlined in this book will help to better define the basic biological mechanisms behind neurodegenerative processes and, in the long term, help in the development of novel therapeutic approaches.