InTech Open Access Books

  • Atherosclerotic Cardiovascular Disease
    Atherosclerotic Cardiovascular Disease
    Editor Ksenija Pešek
    ISBN 978-953-307-695-9
    132 pages, October, 2011
    Cardiovascular diseases (CVD) are still one of the leading causes of death in the world. The book Atherosclerotic Cardiovascular Disease is a contribution to the application of new knowledge in the area of cardiovascular diseases. The book comprises ...
  • Acute Phase Proteins - Regulation and Functions of Acute Phase Proteins
    Acute Phase Proteins - Regulation and Functions of Acute Phase Proteins
    Editor Francisco Veas
    ISBN 978-953-307-252-4
    380 pages, October, 2011
    The two volumes of Acute Phase Proteins book consist of chapters that give a large panel of fundamental and applied knowledge on one of the major elements of the inflammatory process during the acute phase response, i.e., the acute phase proteins exp ...
  • Optoelectronics - Devices and Applications
    Optoelectronics - Devices and Applications
    Editor Padmanabhan Predeep
    ISBN 978-953-307-576-1
    642 pages, October, 2011
    Optoelectronics - Devices and Applications is the second part of an edited anthology on the multifaced areas of optoelectronics by a selected group of authors including promising novices to experts in the field. Photonics and optoelectronics are maki ...
  • Modern Telemetry
    Modern Telemetry
    Editor Ondrej Krejcar
    ISBN 978-953-307-415-3
    480 pages, October, 2011
    Telemetry is based on knowledge of various disciplines like Electronics, Measurement, Control and Communication along with their combination. This fact leads to a need of studying and understanding of these principles before the usage of Telemetry on ...
  • Psychiatric Disorders - Worldwide Advances
    Psychiatric Disorders - Worldwide Advances
    Editor Toru Uehara
    ISBN 978-953-307-833-5
    350 pages, October, 2011
    A psychiatric disorder is defined as any complex condition that involves the impairment of cognitive, emotional, or behavioral functioning. Aside from knowing the physical organic factors, its causal pathology has remained a mystery. Regarding recent ...
  • Aflatoxins - Biochemistry and Molecular Biology
    Aflatoxins - Biochemistry and Molecular Biology
    Editor Ramo?n Gerardo Guevara-Gonza?lez
    ISBN 978-953-307-395-8
    478 pages, October, 2011
    Aflatoxins - Biochemistry and Molecular Biology is a book that has been thought to present the most significant advances in these disciplines focused on the knowledge of such toxins. All authors, who supported the excellent work showed in every chapt ...
  • New Insights into the Prevention and Treatment of Bulimia Nervosa
    New Insights into the Prevention and Treatment of Bulimia Nervosa
    Editor Phillipa Hay
    ISBN 978-953-307-767-3
    202 pages, October, 2011
    Bulimia nervosa and eating disorders are common cause of distress and health related burden for young women and men. Despite major advances over the past three decades many patients come late to treatment and find that the therapy is incompletely ad ...
  • Treatment of Metastatic Melanoma
    Treatment of Metastatic Melanoma
    Editor Rachael Morton
    ISBN 978-953-307-574-7
    360 pages, October, 2011
    Surgery continues to be the mainstay treatment for melanoma localized to the primary tumor and/or lymph nodes. Results from randomized controlled trials indicate that sentinel node biopsy for the treatment of cutaneous melanoma of intermediate thickn ...