Biochemistry, Genetics and Molecular Biology


Edited by Kevin Clark, ISBN 978-953-51-0090-4, 292 pages, Publisher: InTech, Chapters published March 02, 2012 under CC BY 3.0 license
DOI: 10.5772/2083
Edited Volume

Cellular life depends upon energy storage, transformation, utilization, and exchange in order to optimally function and to stay-off death. The over 200-year-old study of how cells transform biological fuels into usable energy, a process broadly known as bioenergetics, has produced celebrated traditions in explaining origins of life, metabolism, ecological adaptation, homeostasis, biosynthesis, aging, disease, and numerous other life processes. InTech's edited volume, Bioenergetics, brings together some of these traditions for readers through a collection of chapters written by international authorities. Novice and expert will find this book bridges scientific revolutions in organismic biology, membrane physiology, and molecular biology to advance the discipline of bioenergetics toward solving contemporary and future problems in metabolic diseases, life transitions and longevity, and performance optimization.