Become a Reviewer

As the world's largest Science, Technology and Medicine Open Access book publisher, with over 2,898 books published to date, we are always looking for dedicated reviewers for our book content. Reviewers are members of academic community who contribute in the assessment of scientific content by providing objective, sound and accurate feedback on the scientific material under review. At InTechOpen, this scientific material can be anything from a single chapter to a whole monograph.

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The Reviewer is responsible for the scientific assessment of content under review and is expected to:

  • review the scientific content (book chapter, single-author monograph, multiple-author monograph) for which he/she was appointed as a reveiwer, within the agreed deadline
  • give a general assessment of the manuscript in the form of a filled out review form provided by the publisher
  • hold all reviewed content confidential
  • review objectively
  • disclose any conflict of interest


  • an opportunity to make a significant contribution by working on a scientifically relevant project
  • full support to your review work
  • Notification of Appointment as Reviewer and Statement of Performed Review for each submitted review report

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