8,000 InTech's authors endorsed Open Access

Today InTech takes a step further in advocating its open access publishing model and in proving itself as an internationally authoritative OA publisher by having commissioned TBI Communications, a renowned independent consultancy in the field of scholarly communication to carry out a survey to better understand the researchers' attitudes towards the phenomenon of Open Access and InTech as a high-quality service provider.

The author survey, conducted in early March 2011 targeted InTech's database of approximately 25,000 authors worldwide.

The key results are striking: a total of 8,015 participants took part in the survey, mostly reputable researchers working in universities and having a speciality in Medicine, Engineering and Biological Sciences. As 75% of participants think it is of utter importance to be able to offer free access to their work there is a widespread agreement that Open Access is highly desirable to satisfy the main ambition for many authors, to reach the widest possible audience worldwide.

With 8 out of 10 of responding authors rating their publishing experience with InTech exceedingly satisfying, InTech is proud to continue to disseminate freely the best in science out there, continuously working on reaching the highest standards of professionalism and service offered to all of its scientific contributors.

There is certainly still a lack of knowledge among the research community about OA publishing but at InTech we firmly believe that by providing objective and comprehensive evidence of the quality of our work and our status in the publishing industry, nevertheless having authors speaking themselves about successfully publishing with InTech we are on the right path to fight misconceptions and mistrust.

To view and download the full results of the service please follow the link below:

Author Attitudes Towards Open Access Publishing (PDF)

Also, visit our blog to share your thoughts and comments about our report.