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InTech is the publisher of one of the largest multidisciplinary open access collection of books covering the fields of Science, Technology and Medicine. Since 2004, InTech has collaborated with 90,685 authors and published 2,549 books and 5 journals with the aim of providing free online access to research.

Our overall mission is to help academics make their work visible and accessible to a diverse audiences from around the world giving all researchers the equal opportunity to share ideas and develop their careers.

Published chapters and articles 42,450
Most downloaded chapter 112,043
Unique readers per month 679,000

With downloads of over +72 million book chapters and journal articles to date, we grant our authors the opportunity to get visibility and recognition of their work among global scientific communities.

Our readership includes all of the players in academic communities: scientists, university and college professors, research professionals, students and users of academic libraries. Moreover, our publications are of great interest to engineering societies, technical organizations, industrial institutions and government departments.

Our Authors world map

Currently the main subject area that is covered by InTech publications is engineering, followed by health sciences, life sciences and social sciences and humanities, as represented by the chart below.

Number of publications rapidly rising
Physical Sciences, Engineering and Technology

Physical Sciences, Engineering and Technology
1292 books
73391 authors
3 Open Access journals

Life Sciences

Life Sciences
366 books
24935 authors
1 Open Access journal

Health Sciences

Health Sciences
848 books
56765 authors

Social Sciences and Humanities

Social Sciences and Humanities
44 books
2949 authors
1 Open Access journal

Not only are our authors among the world's leading authorities in the field of science, technology and medicine but also they are imbued with a highly-developed social conscience: they are aware of the growing imperative to openly share new information.

Authors from top 100 universities 2,354
Authors from top 200 universities 4,783
Authors from top 500 universities 11,306

*Academic Ranking of World Universities - 2015

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